5005X, bad image on other players…

5005X, bad image on other players……

I have a new 5005X and have recorded programs through the tuner. The DVD-R’s look great when played on the 5005X. However, when played on my other DVD players the image is poor, faded and grainy. When played on my PC the image is great like on the 5005X.

Other details:

  • label on 5005X shows it made in Dec 2005
  • updated firmware on 12/9 from LiteOn website
  • coax cabled direct to the 5005X, no cable box, Comcast is the provider
  • s-video from 5005X to TV
  • my other DVD players are Yamakawa and Toshiba brands, s-video to a TV

Can the 5005X be fixed to correct the problem so it’s not on the disk or is the player the only place to correct it? If the player, how would it be corrected?

Will this happen when I copy VHS tapes from my my old camcorder to the 5005X for DVD-R?

Very frustrating…… I’d like to make a DVD that has good image quality for viewing on my other DVD players.



I have two 5005X machines and found that -R media didn’t work very well. I am using TDK+R and SONY+R media. i have dvd players hooked up to play DVD’s. I only record with my 5005X units. What is the serial number now that you have done the firmware update? What DVD drive do you have in your computer? Did you do the HACK for the 5005X?

I solved the problem DR. PAUL. I have analog cable TV from Comcast.
Comcast uses a technology called HRC to add channels and improve picture quality (found by googling “HRC video”). After reading about a LVW-5115 that Michelm posted on 5/19/2006, I switched my tuner from cable to HRC and adjusted the setting to +9. Works great now, excellent image. Both +R and -R disks look the same when recorded with like video.

I have no idea why the 5005X could play the disk with good image but another player would not.
I’m sure a lot of these get returned to the store for this problem. There is nothing I can find in the user guide that even talks about HRC but it’s in the 5005X setup menu.

Anyway, works great now. I’m glad I don’t need to return it. Thank You


Trig5 did you hack your 5005x. if you want to remove the micro vision from your 5005x it can be done. The down side is you can only use +R media. Its a good way to save all of your old VHS tapes to DVD.

Dr. Paul,

No I haven’t hacked it. Macrovision is not a problem for me since I don’t have a need to use the 5005X for anything but recording cable TV programs. Is the process you talked about to convert the FW to the ILO R04?



Yes that was my question. I do it to save my old VHS tapes.