5005B using DVD Shrink?

When I load a disk recorded on the 5005 DVD Shrink tells me it’s not there !
Is it not possible to use this for editing then ?

What is the file structure using Windows Explorer? If you have a VIDEO_TS folder, copy it to your hard drive, then open the files with Shrink.

Have since realised I have to finalize in Liteon before anything else will “see it” (RTFM !)
Present intention is to transfer all old analogue shots, which were transferred to VHS
from the video cam shortly after taking, to DVD. Can any-one tell me if there is a better way than this please :
Transfer from VCR to Liteon
Finalize disk
Use Shrink to edit etc
Save file to hard drive
Burn from h/d to DVD using Nero.
Any advice appreciated.