5005B gains time



I’ve had my 5005B for a month bought from Argos in the UK. it has been firmware upgraded to the latest 080 together with the drive firmware.

I set the clock in setup and have noticed that it gains approx 5 seconds every 24 hours (35 seconds per week). I find this unacceptable especially when my old VCR used to set the clock automatically every day!

My mechanical watch even keeps better time than the 5005B!

Has anyone else found this to be the case and would another firmware upgrade from liteon be able to improve its time keeping?


So is my 5005B the only one which gains this amount of time or not?


No such problem with my US model 5005.


mezza f; I have the LVW 5005a U.S. Sept. 04 build and have updated to the latest Firmware LNHA1098.ES3 and Drive LNHA1000.E20. My machine also gains the 5 Seconds per day. It did this before and after upgrades. I am also experiencing the Green color in dark scenes problem along with picture jiggle/jump whatever you care to call it. I have requested an RMA from LiteOn so as they hopefully can resolve the issues with this machine. I also tried the MV hack and it works to a certain point, I still had to hook up my Sima Copy This CT-1 to remove all MV from home videos or backing up a VCR tape. I will post results when the machine has been serviced.
Regards: Pop’s


I’ve got the 5001 & that gains alot of time, have to reset it to the correct time every week!!!


I am wondering if this gaining time is a widespread issue that can be addressed by Liteon with another firmware upgrade.