5005 won't play some (new) commercial dvd's



Just recently, my 5005 player will not play some brand new dvd’s. When I put the disk in, it loads but the screen stays black. Pressing play or any other function results in the “circle with a line through it” ie. no play. I can get information to show on screen with the disk, but that’s it. The same disks play just fine on any of my other dvd players.

I downloaded and installed the latest firmware, other than that- I have no clue what to do. These are US dvd’s, so it shouldn’t be a region issue-

Please share any ideas- this is frustrating!

much appreciated.


Is one of the DVDs ‘Hitch’?


As a matter of fact, yes. The other recent ones were “Spanglish” and “Are We There Yet”


I am completely guessing here that this could be a problem with the SONY protection system?

User’s on the anyDVD forum have had problems with Hitch and Spanglish due to the Sony system. If so, this could be a worrying development and would require Liteon to update firmwares?


While I did enquire about ‘Hitch’, I did not have a problem playing it in my 5006 (but had to coax it to play in my Ilo 04). One might also try removing the copy protection (if Sony Arccos is the culprit) from these DVDs using their PC and DVDDecrypter.



Problems with “Man of the House” also Columbia (SONY)
“Spanglish”, “Are We There Yet”, “Hitch” and “The Chronicles of Riddick” . :doh: