5005 Won't Finalize Disk

I timer recorded a cable TV program last night. It recorded just fine and I can watch it on the 5005. But when I went to finalize the disk, it would not finalize. The front panel indicator kept “searching” by displaying the “moving dashes”. The “Finalize” screen from the Easy Guider showed 00% finalized. It stayed this way for over 5 minutes. Finally I had to turn off the power to stop it. I checked it again and was able to play the disk. I attempted to finalize a second time and it did the same thing.

Do I have any alternatives for finalizing, if I can’t get it to work on the 5005? It has never done this before. I have recorded and finalized more than 15 disks so far. Each one used exactly the same media. All the disks came from the same 100 disk spindle.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. :confused:

Hexmechanic solved my problem. He suggested I reset the Region Code to the original one it was shipped with. I had previously hacked the FW to go region free. Resetting the region code seemed to do the trick. The disk finalized without any problem. :bow:

for unit 5005b i had smilar problem for finalising of media it is room temperature is im portant plese take a note
regards to unwired

if the recorder don’t like your media also this is posible.
its working like recording but in side of the driver only green light blinking .
when will you change recording media ,CD or DVD-R everythings will be ok !

I have run into the “will not finalize” problem again. This time it is not related to the region code setting. I eventually get the disk to finalize but sometimes I have to turn off the power and restart the LVW5005 once or twice before it finally works. It does not do this all the time. There does not seem to be any pattern to when it refuses to work. It is just not very cooperative.

Any other ideas?