5005 Will not Stop Recording

If i try to record in the 6 hour mode from a vcr connected to the front inputs the recording will not stop wether it is a DVD+R or a DVD+RW, all i get is ‘stopping’ flashing in the display and I have to unplug to get the disk. This happens when I use the timer or try to stop the recording process manually.

I’ve tried to recover the session with ISOBUSTER but there are so many errors it is an endless process.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

I had problems like this when I used cheap media, and just before my drive failed.

I am using Verbatim +R and Maxell +RW.

If you have a DVD+/-RW drive you can pull from your PC try that on the 5005

I’m not 100% sure but, I believe this is caused by using 16x max media on the LiteOn DVD Recorder 5005. I had this very same problem too. Where you wanted to stop recording and it simply did not stop. And, I had to reset the machine. The answer here is to use 8x max DVD recordable. Here is a link to purchase 8x max speed DVD-Rs


In another post a user had 16x media problem which was fixed by firmware update, and then flashed back to mod 098 firmware resulting in fixed 16x media problem and regain macrovision and region free.

You were absolutely correct. Upgrading to 101 and then back to customized 098 fixed the problem with Verbatim 16x+R media finalising. Thanks for all your suggestions.