5005 will not read own disks



:confused: I upgraded my LVW5005 (Australian purchased June 2005)to firmware 98 (LNFF4098.ES5) it writes perfectly to disks and finalises them with no problems.

However when I try to watch the disks on the 5005 it either will not read the disk at all or goes through the full load process then says that there is no disk. These disks will play ok both on my L.G. brand player and on my computer.

This has happened only to those disks that were recorded with firmware 98.

Those recorded before the upgrade still play perfectly on the 5005.

All the disks are the same brand (Ritek G05).



I just posted a thread to try and document problems similar to this. What drive is in your 5005 is it the DDW 451S or the DDW 813S? Did you have a drive FW update also? Have you hacked the machine FW? please see the following thread and provide more details.




One other question. I notice that you are using FW 1098 ES5. Was your previous FW 1098 ES3? or was it a completely different FW number?


:slight_smile: Sorry, unwired. I flashed the machine with the official firmware on the day of purchase (before I knew of the Ilohacker firmware).

I did not realise at the time that the serial number would change with each upgrade and therefore did not keep a copy of the original number or the number of the first upgrade.

The specs of my machine are this :-

Machine :- LVW5005

Mfrd :- October 2004

Chassis Serial # :- 6024440077669

This number is on the back near the chassis serial # (I think that it might be the original firmware with “A” for Australia):-A092

Current Firmware :- 98 (Ilohacker M.V. & 3hr)

Current serial :- 0102-3640-0098-B208 (316-010D)

Drive model :- unknown but flashed using LNFF1000.E30



Based on your serial number (B208) I am believe you have the new drive (DDW 813S) with the updated drive firmware. I think the DDW 813S without the update shows up as B205 in the serial numbering sequence.

As you suggest, the A092 on the back near the chassis serial number is most likely your factory installed FW version (Australia 092).

It may be worthwhile to try and reflash with the factory version (unhacked) 098 FW and see if your problem goes away. ILOHacker is a great tool but some folks have had some odd problems crop up that could be related to the methodology ILOHacker uses for hacking. A more precise hacking method would be to hack the FW manually using a hex editor.

Clearly something changed after you updated your FW. If you go back to the factory version of 098 and it still behaves the same then ILOHacker had nothing to do with the problem. It could be a bug though in the 098 FW. It is also equally plausible that it is the drive FW upgrade that is the culprit.

I have not had the magnitude of problems that many users have had. But I have the older drive, DDW 411S. This drive has not had a FW update either. So I have a very different set of conditions. This is why I postulate that the problem is related to the newer drive or the drive FW upgrade.

Try going back to an unhacked 098 and see if it makes a difference, I doubt it will, but it will eliminate 1 variable.


:slight_smile: Thank you unwired.

I did try that yesterday before posting. But the problem still exists.
That is actually why I tried the Ilohack to begin with.

I thought yesterday that I would go back to official firmware again. Since the problem still persists I have again reverted to Ilo.


My first 5005 outta the box would not read what it wrote on the dvd+rw that came with it. It was a 0104-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX US 5005A. I called LiteON and they said it had a problem and to return it. Needless to say it went right back to the store I bought it and exchanged it for my 0102 5005 unit I have now that after 6 months of heavy use has a problem with 5 brands of unfinalized dvd’s. This unit is being RMA’ed back to LiteOn soon.