5005 wierd issues (+rw)over time



I have a 5005 for several months now.
I have the 1063 hack (3 hr and macrovision)
for several months it worked fine.

Now I have some strange issues - and now sure if they are fixable via Firmware or not . (given the probs came over time I suspect not)

My biggest problem is that I am now having LOTS of trouble recording to +R/W disks. They were my disk of choice because

  1. best type to then copy data into computer for editing (with -r I often get cyclic errors etc.)
  2. no Finalizing
  3. Erasable.

Sometimes I get a fail when I first put the disk in.
Sometimes I can’t stop the record - I need to power off and when I turn on it reformats.
Sometimes I put the disk back into the unit and it won’t read / reformats.

These use to work fine.
I am using Ridata - but tried 2 other brands - same issue (tired diff batches)

Another problem that has creeped in over time - is that when I am recording off DV - I press record and the unit after few seconds goes into Pause mode.

Anyone else have/see the problem?
Anyone have them come over time …?
Will a FW upgrade help me (the ability to use R/W is CRUCIAL FOR ME)?
Which version?
(will I then give up 3 hour mode and macrovision?)
Sending the unit back is not really an option for me …

Thanks for any help



just to follow myslef up …
If a FW is recommended
what path should I use - looks like in the 10 months since I did this the Firmwares have chaanged. As I said I have a hacked 1063 …
what can should I go to - I do not want ot get the “cabbage patch” and other problems in later versions etc. I would like to keep (or reget) the 3 hr/macrovision hacks etc.



Check out the posts here for firmware, 3hr and remove macrovision.



There is a DRIVE firmware upgrade that may help. I had a LiteON burner on a PC that wouldn’t write after a few month but will read factory pressed DVD but not previously written DVD+/-RW. I sent it back to LiteON and I think they just did a firmware upgrade although I couldn’t be sure.

You are not using the same single DVD+RW over and over again are you?
It may help to try another brand or even another batch media.


thanks Run,
Have used mult companies - and mult runs of Ritek -
If I have hacked 1063 main FW - what Drive only FW upgrade can I do?


It depends on your 5005 serial number,
Here is verbatim from the previous url by jm1647

To get firmware/system updates go to: http://liteonamericas.com/us/download_dvd.htm
Pick your model and then when you get to the firmware download page enter your country and YOUR serial number from the setup screen. If an update was available do it/them following the instructions given and after your done then go back and check again.


My experiences and if you read deeper into the Forum is the 1098 firmware update took care of the DVD+RW problems! I’ve used Memorex DVD+RW’s (RICOHJPNW11) flawlessly for months, purchased @ Wal Mart!! BTW These are on the approved list from Liteon! Of course I’ve got the Classic 5005 Jump/Jitter, Green Hue problems! DVD+RW Saves me alot of $$, I can choose what I want to save and dump it in to my PC, erase the rest!!


OK - so sounds like I should go to 1098 - but next ??
how ?
today - Have hacked 1063
if I go to normal 1098 - will I get worse issues with green jitters etc. - is it worth the upgrade??
I will 1098 go cleanly onto a hacked 1063 or should I go back?
If I upgrade and have problems can I reverse from 1098?


You can hack the new firmware just as the last one! You should go to the Liteon website and put in your s/n which is on the setup screen of your 5005. There has also been a “Drivers” update that came the 1st 1098 firmware version (A seperate file). Do your firmware update first and then your drivers! You can manually hack or use ILOHacker to do it for you which is good! As far as what it does to your 5005? Most people either have a good 5005 or a bad one and firmware doesn’t seem to play a big role in the problems!! I can tell you the latest firmware made great strides in fixing the cabbage patch/green hue problems! The jump/jitter on my machine has not been fixed which is a 9/04. Looks like everybody that has a 12/04 & 01/05 unit are OK!! Hack at your own risk!! If you have the current firmware version saved, you can usually always hack back to it! Good luck!!