5005 vs 5115: Which is Better at $120

Costco has both the LVW-5005 & LVW-5115GHC priced at $120, but I can’t really tell the difference, besides size of box. Even the LG website doesn’t offer a compare feature across their different models. Can anyone help me decide which to buy…or enlighten me if there are better choices (any brand) at that price?

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There are only a couple of differences between the two models. The Lite-On LVW-5005 is an older model than the LVW-5115GHC and offers the ability to also record Audio CDs, Video CDs and Super Video CDs with both CD-R and CD-RW, which are not available on the LVW-5115GHC.

The LVW-5115GHC on the other hand features MPEG4 playback, DivX certification (for PPV & DRM protected DivX content), VCR Plus+ and 16 program timer, unlike the LVW-5005 which has no MPEG4 or DivX support, only features manual timer entry and a 5 program timer. There are a few other improvements such as more navigation options while playing MP3’s and images.

With quite a lot of issues reported about the LVW-5005’s internal drive giving early failure (see this thread), I would suggest going for the LVW-5115GHC unless you need to be able to record Audio & Video CDs.

Both recorders feature DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW recordable media. :wink:

Can macrovision be disabled on the 5115GHC?

I wouldn’t expect to find LiteOn products info at the LG website.

that was a typo, thank you for pointing it out. :bow:

I meant that the LiteOn website doesnt’ feature a “compare” function.