5005 & TDK +R's no longer readable


I did a search for this topic, but didn’t find what I was looking for…

I had a bunch of kid’s programs/videos on TDK +R’s (not sure what speed) and I was able read these for at least a year. Then all of a sudden, the TDK +R’s stopped being readable. All other brands that previously worked still function properly now - just the TDK’s are now history. Is there any sane explanation for this? Is the actual drive near death? Any possible solutions?

Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Rob

I can only think of one solution–find another drive that can handle +R media and see how the TDKs fare in it. Even better would be a computer DVD drive, so that Nero’s free quality check utility could be downloaded/installed (http://www.cdspeed2000.com) and used to check the intergrity of those discs.