5005 Recordings on HDTV

Has anyone here watched any of their 5005-recorded DVDs on an HDTV?

I have found that my 5005 discs (1, 2, 3 and 4 hr modes) look perfect on a computer screen (17") and on a 20" SD TV. The look very good on a SD 27" TV. But on a 36" Hi Def TV (connected through the component jacks for progressive and the TV is callibrated) the picture is very, very soft. It’s kind of like watching a movie that’s not quite focused… :eek:

have you compared with play back of the same disc using a standalone DVD player?

If the 1hr and 4hr modes look the same on a large HD monitor, there’s something wrong somewhere. 36" isn’t especially “large” as HD monitors go, so you wouldn’t expect to see huge differences between the 1 and 2 hr modes, but 1hr vs 4hr should be obvious.

Of course, this assumes that your recorded material was high resolution to start with. GIGO If you’re recording a VHS tape, it’s never going to look better than VHS.

I did not mean to imply that the 1 to 4 hr modes looked the same only that they looked as they should on the small screens and ‘soft’ on the larger. (There is a visible diff between the modes even on small screens). The discs I looked at were recorded at “Standard” def (2 hr mode) through the S-video hook up from a DirecTV Tivo.

And yes, I played the discs on a Pioneer 563a. Pressed/store bought dvds look as they should–sharp and vivid, the 5005 discs looked soft… not terrible or unwatchable but nowhere near the clarity etc. of other DVDs.

DirecTV has generally pretty poor resolution, often well under spec, due to heavy compression. Have you compared the look of the original image to the recorded image on the same 36" monitor? One test would be a PPV movie, which have the highest bitrate of anything DirecTV offers. They should look pretty sharp. My DVD player has an on-screen display that shows the current bitrates.

Typically, you’ll see low bitrates on DirecTV as “pixilization” in large fields of soft colors, like backgrounds, skies, etc.

Trak==what “SOURCE” are you using? If it is standard broadcast TV–then the picture will lack detail regardless of the bitrate==ie, the copy/recording can’t be better than the source. Have you compared the recording with a straight feed thru of the source material?

Also–I’ve read several places that the liteon and most other stand alone recorders have a “soft focus” that helps in reducing cabbaging but maybe you have seen the resultant downside??

So many variables!!!

OK. I’d like to thank everyone for their comments.

What I’d really like to know is if anyone has watched any of their 5005-recorded discs on a high resolution tv and what they thought of the resulting picture.


Watched on a Toshiba 46" 16:9 CRT projection. Looks maybe a little worse than the original broadcast due to slight MPEG artifacting and maybe recorded from a worse tuner (I feed from a VCR since the 5005 has a mono tuner). Not bad for the price. Haven’t really played with LaserDisc to DVD yet, I may do that sometime this week.