5005 recordings can't be imported, edited, copied

Problem with my 5005. Any recording I make on it, no matter which dvd media I use, can’t be imported into Nero, DVDShrink, or Decrypter. I keep getting “encrypted”, “illegal state” or “failed process”. The recordings are home movies from vcr to the 5005 and are not encrypted. The 5005 records fine. I am finalizing whenever neccessary and the discs PLAY fine in other players.

DVD-RWs also record fine, but when I try to finalize I get a change disc message. However it plays on all my players and the computer. I just can’t import it into any editing and burning program.
Audio CD-Rs and CD-RWs work normally.
It has the 098 with the MV , 3 hour and region free hacks.
Anyone else run across this and found the solution?

Have you tried DVDDecrypter iso read/iso write or Nero image recorder? RW media doesn’t need to be finalized, and the message you get is normal for RW media.

I have tried image recorder. I’ve tried every option in Nero, decrypter and shrink. I keep getting messages that say my home movies are encrypted and “cannot decrypt VOB file”. Even dvd43 won’t do anything.
The question is, why does everything recorded ONLY on the 5005, no matter what the media, fail to import or copy on any program?
Does the 5005 give a propietary extension to the file ?

Nobody has had this problem?

I have copied many DVDs made in my 5005 with Nero Copy DVD


       Have you tried CloneDVD2? I've been using it to copy the dvd+rw's I use in my Insignia (rebadged LG) recorder. In the log file it says "found and corrected IFO format errors: Fixed Philips DVD Recorder generated IFO files" Then it copies to the harddrive just fine. I then burn them to DVD+-R.


Haven’t tried clonedvd. I’m not having trouble downloading the files to the harddrive. Only getting them into any burning program. Even anydvd
doesn’t help.

I only copy to the harddrive first because my puter is old & slow. CloneDVD2 is a burning app! I guess you could copy and burn on the fly if you want to. I think most people backup to harddrive first and then burn? I also have Anydvd, but its not needed for making Set Top Recorder backups. CloneDVD2 has a free 21 day trial, so you have nothing to lose if you want to try it.


Blindwrite 6 works for me

I can use DVDshrink and any other PC program with my LW5005. On any media.

But once upon a time I couldn’t. Some early versions of LW-5005 firmware were screwed up. Some folks downgraded their firmware to install the MVhack and found this to be a result.

I’m afraid the solution is a formware upgrade.

Both DVDFabDecrypter and RipIt4Me have worked for similar problems on DVD backups although I’ve not tried DVDShrink for 5005 recordings. I simply use Nero or IMGBurn to copy DVD for 5005 recording backups, but you might try DVDFabDecrypter and RipIt4Me first if you need to use DVDShrink.