5005 Recording Compatibility/Navigation Structure

I have had my 5005 now for about a month and have really enjoyed it. I am running the latest 1098 firmware hacked using ILOhacker and everything seems to work pretty well. All of my disks are playable on all 4 of my DVD players except for a Panasonic VCR/DVD unit (PVD-4752). I have made copies of DVDs before on my computer using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter and the resultant disks play on all my equipment. Note all of the tests with the 5005 are with disks that have been finalized after recording. Here is what I have done and the results:

1). Copied unencrypted “Original” DVD-R source to 5005 from the Panasonic via s-video. Recorded on DVD+R media. Result: Plays on everything except the Panasonic. (Note the “original” plays on the Panasonic since that was source used to feed the 5005).

2). Repeated test 1 but used DVD-R media in the 5005. Result: Plays everywhere including the Panasonic, but playback on the Panasonic stops and skips every so often. This test led me to believe the Panasonic did not like DVD+R media. I tried playing the same disk on the 5005 and another player and it played without skips. Therefore there are no problems with the burn.

3). Created an ISO file from the “original” source using DVD Shrink (0% compression). Burned the image to a DVD-R. Result: Plays perfectly in Panasonic and everywhere else.

4). Repeated test 3 with DVD+R media. Result: Panasonic does not recognize the disk. DVD plays perfectly on all other devices. This confirmed there is an issue with DVD+R and the Panasonic. But the difference in performance between Test 3 and Test 2 lead me to question the way the 5005 copies files compared to a program like DVD Decrypter which burns an ISO image to a disk.

5). Using DVD Shrink tried to create an ISO image from a the copy of the “original” that was created on 5005 using DVD-R media created in Test 2. Result: DVD Shrink issues the following error message: “DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Invalid DVD navigation structure”. Also tried the DVD+R created in test 1 and received the same error.

It is #5 that has me the most confused. If the 5005 does not create a “normal” DVD navigation structure then this could have something to do with how different players react to copies produced on the 5005. When I “explore” the disk I see two folders present. Video_RM and Video_TS. When I compare this to the disk of the same source material created by DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter of course the Video_TS folder is present but Video_RM is not. The computer created disk has a second folder named Audio_TS, but this folder is empty.

When I compare the contents of the Video_TS folders of the two disks I see another difference. If the disk was created by DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter every file with a .VOB extension has a corresponding file with a .BUP and another with a .IFO extension. In the disk created by the 5005 that is not the case. There are 2 .VOB files that do not have related .BUP and .IFO files.

In a nutshell I’m interested to know from those of you with much more experience, is all of this a bunch of hooey or is there a distinct difference between how computer copying works and how 5005 disk copying works?

I look forward to some enlightenment. :bow:

You do understand that the 5005 records all DVD’s in DVD+VR format? I get the same errors with DVD Shrink.

Here’s my problem and question? I’ve just burned a DVD+RW disc (not finalized) EP 4 hr. mode with four seperate 1 hour long shows. When I open up DVD shrink it only shows the last 1 hr. long show only?? It says title 4 and title 9 which are the same? Why can’t I see the rest of the Titles??


Thanks for the reply. I guess I had a mis-understanding. I was thinking the DVD+VR format was only applicable with RW disks. I guess that is not true. I also thought finalizing would create a “normal” DVD-Video. But again I must be mistaken. So my challenge seems to be, what do I need to convert the VR format to normal DVD video.

In your case, DVD Shrink at least shows some of the disk contents. I don’t know why it shows some titles and not others. Does it do this all the time when you have multiple episodes on a single disk? Would finalizing resolve the situation?

How come DVD Shrink can partially read your disk structure but can’t read any of mine?

Interesting issues.

Here’s what I’ve been doing…

I used DVDDecrypter in file mode to upload the contents of the dvd+vr onto the computer. Then I use Nero Vision Express (choose “DVD-VIDEO”)and import the .vob files to a NVE Project.This step leaves behind the other file types (.bup, etc.). In NVE I edit out the commercials, make a new menu and then burn to file or disc. This last step involves ‘transcoding’ and the final project plays on every player I’ve got, including a fairly picky Pioneer.

I hope this helps…

Thanks for the advice! I’ve got Nero 6.3 full version I just haven’t installed yet? I’ll try that! When I use Sonic “My DVD” and do the “encoding” it takes the 1st hr. show recorded on the 5005 in EP and the size is approx. 1 GB which is OK, when I add the next 1 hr. show it shows the entire size too large for a Std. DVD… go figure?? I might need to PM you back for some details when I get a little further along!!

Your welcome. feel free to PM me for details whenever.

I found that the 5005 records on DVD-R AND DVD+R ALSO DVD-RW AND DVD+RW. My only problem is I can’t find the firmware to allows me to copy some of my VHS tapes thwt have copy protect. If anyone can help I thank you now.


Nero Recode is much faster for converting recordings that using Nero Vision Express. Only minor downside is that you don’t get menus.