5005 Powers on but will not "SETUP" from remote - DOA?



I hooked up my new LVW-5005 last night, with the recorder in-between a VCR and TV. The VCR plays thru to the TV, but I can’t get the LiteOn to go into the “Setup” mode from the remote. The remote seems to work (ON/OFF, disc tray open/close buttons work), but no way to get into the programming features.

There doesn’t seem to be a signal coming from the LiteOn to my TV, although I have tried several combinations of connections and even 2 TVs, scrolling through the entire channel range. I have tried it with and without the VCR connected.

There is a “mode” button on the front that scrolls through inputs (I think), such as “AN1”, “AN2”, “CH3”, etc. - not sure if any of these have an affect on output, but i have tried them all.

Any suggestions?

I am perplexed.

I bought the machine at newegg.com, which has a sucky return policy (they won’t accept a return at all, even though it arrived DOA - I have to go through LiteOn for the warranty).

Thanks - any help is appreciated !


How have you got the unit connected to the TV?

If you are using the aerial socket then it will not work. The Liteon does not have an RF modulator inside the unit, the aerial loop through is purely to pickup the TV stations.

You need to connect a SCART lead from the DVD to your TV.


It looks like “scart” connectors are for UK electronics? Gosh - what is it with you Brits and your oversized plugs? :slight_smile:

I’m in the US, and the output options on this model are: RCAx3, s-video, RF coaxial, digital video.

You do bring up a good point about modulation though - my connection at the TV was only via RF coax. I will get a plug adapter (RCA–>coax) and use the RCA outputs from the LiteOn.

Thanks mate !


Unfortunately, it looks like you got an European LVW-5005 as the US LVW-5005 should not have any Scart sockets. The following image shows the rear of my LVW-5045 (about the same as EU LVW-5005):

If your DVD recorder has those two 21-pin Scart sockets as shown above then you definitely have a European model, even though the sockets may seem large :p. The Scart lead carries Stereo Sound, individual Red, Blue and Green video channels, Composite Video/SVHS (for compatibility with older sets) and Switching for turning the TV to Scart AV input and sets 16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio. It also carries the signal in both directions, for example in some European countries, when an external decoder is connected up to the TV, the one Scart lead carries the scrambled audio and video signalling from the TV to the decoder and also the decoded signalling back from the decoder to the TV! This basically makes them very user friendly, since there is only one AV cable to connect (unless using surround sound).

Unfortunately, if your recorder is the EU model (has those Scart sockets), then you will need to get it replaced. The European models have a PAL tuner, which is incapable of picking up NTSC broadcasts either over the air or by cable. This may also explain why you cannot pick up the DVD recorder on your TV, since your TV may not be PAL compatible and the European models output PAL signalling.


No, I do not have Scart sockets, so the problem remains unsolved … :frowning:


Page 8 of the 5005 manual for the US (downloaded from http://www.liteonit.com/DOWNLOADS/DC/LVW-5005/user_manual/en_us/LVW-5001_5005%20English%20US.zip) shows how to connect to a TV for playback, and even mentions that the A/V cable is supplied.

Paul B


Thank you barfootb - of course, my unit came with the manual, and the first thing I tried was connecting it up like page 8.


If you have the video output of the 5005 going to a video input of the tv, make sure the tv is set to that video input. Scrolling through the channels means the tv is set to cable or antenna input. You have to select the video input the 5005 is connected to. Video 1 or video 2 or whatever.


What they are saying is since you don’t have a/v jacks, you must use a modulator. The a/v outputs from the recorder should go out to the modulator, the modulator out to the tv.


i bought a $20 modulator at radio shack and hooked it up - everythinbg works great now !

i’ve burned 30 dvds so far with no coasters !

thanks all …