5005 picture looks bad from cable

i have the 5005 i have the cable going in to the satellite and out to the 5005 but the picture looks like crap… the color is off a bit it looks watched out… is it because i have it going to the satellite then to the 5005 then to the tv…iam using component cable going from the 5005 to the tv…is there a booster that can inprove the picture?

I must have the unit that is the exception to the rule. My new 5005 surprised me when I recorded 2 hours of shows directly from the internal tuner and the results were very acceptable, certainly no worst than any VCR I’ve used in the past. The picture was clear and had no noise or distortion in it and the colors were fine. So far after a week of playing with this recorder I feel it was the best 129.00 delivered I’ve spent in a while. Time will tell how reliability is but so far so good!!!

Does yours have a stereo tuner? Supposedly there were 2 different tuners used, and the stereo one was better quality overall. Both my 5005 and my 1105 are mono so I feed them from a VCR.