5005 owners please help!

I’ve had my LVW5005 for just over 2 years now. The eject mechanism has been flaky for a while, but has now stopped completely. (It actually did the same thing ~6 months ago, and I managed to fix it by poking around inside a bit). I just phoned Lite-on support, who told me that it had a 2-year warranty (I’d assumed 1 year), and if it was inside that then they would fix it for free, but if it was outside the warranty they wouldn’t fix it even if I paid, and they wouldn’t sell me any spares.

If only I’d realised it was a 2-year warranty last time it went wrong…

The support guy did tell me about a reset procedure, which I’ll put here for others benefit:

hold down power button
remove power cord from the back of the unit
replace power cord
release button

I’ll try this tonight, but in the meantime:

I’ve seen a couple of threads about replacing the drive in these. Can anyone suggest a replacement drive which fits in easily, works, and can be purchased now, in the UK?

Failing that (this is a little bit naughty, hope it’s allowed) does anyone have a slightly less than 2 year old proof of purchase for a 5005 that they’d be willing to send me?



For replacement drives chesk here:

Proof of purchase I would contact rhe Liteon users forum UK for info, warranty in the US is 1 year.

Ian: Experience with LiteOn Help is that the ‘help’ isn’t worth the bother.
ie, Not much help.

Personal opinion is to replace the drive with an alternate DVD burner.

I replaced my 5005A drive ( DDW 813S 01C original drive ) with a LiteOn LH-18A1P drive. ( approx $32 US )

First, downloaded LtnRPC onto my PC and installed it. Then installed the LH-18 on the PC temporarily and ran the LtnRPC in order to change the Region Code to “None”.

LtnRPC Reference page: http://dhc014.rpc1.com/LtnRPC/index.htm
Zip File location: http://dhc014.rpc1.com/LtnRPC/LtnRPC.zip

Then, modified the external casing of the LH-18 using a handheld nibbling tool to trim back about 6 mm on the leading edge of the upper casing half to ensure that it fit well into the 5005 case without interference.

In general, followed the procedures outlined by Kevin Dowd in his step-by-step replacement procedure, a most helpful tutorial for a first try:


Then Downloaded LNFA 1098.ES3 (hacked) and created Data Disk using Nero.

See Pumapeople site http://www.pumapeople.com/liteon/ general files

Specific file for 5005 system firmware, hacked, version 1098


( US / Canada file. Other files ( UK ) available at the pumapeople site and maybe other locations, as well )

Download, unzip, burn CD, then follow firmware upgrade sequence of : power Off/On, open door, insert data CD, follow instructions to upgrade as seen on monitor/tv screen. Wait for upgrade to finish. Power off/on to reboot.

Results for me: It’s Alive…MV disabled, FF / RW is now functional. Reads commercial DVDs with or without MV.Identifies and prepares DVD +R ( Fuji 16x media ) and +RW (Memorex )media. Other media recognition is unknown as I had no other media to try out. Records and finalizes onto +R and +RW media. Records region free, MV free.

I’m a ‘newbie’ but this did, in fact, work for me. Hope this synopsis is helpful to you.

Regards and best of luck.



Thanks very much for your advice. I’ve currently got an NEC 3520A plugged into my 5005 (because it’s the only DVD burner I own). It mostly works (recognises, burns finalises and reads +R, recognises -RW (didn’t try any further with -RW) played back a backup of a commercial DVD on -R, but wouldn’t recognise a blank -R).

I’ve got a LiteOn DW1670 on order, in the hope it’ll recognise blank -Rs as well. Whichever works better in my 5005 I’ll try to fit in the box properly.

One thing I didn’t understand is what (if anything) is holding the replacement drive in place? The original drive had 4 screws going into the 4 plastic mounting bushes, but I can’t see much reference to those in the various drive replacement posts.

Ooops. Just looked again, and it says here that the drive is held in place by the front metal bracket, and you need to remove the 2 front plastic bushes. Is that your experience too?

Regarding firmware I hacked my 5005 when I first got it for 3 hour mode (extremely useful) and MV free (used it about twice!) but looking back I think that was firmware 0090 to 0091, so I may try the 0098. Does anyone know which version number fixed the green tint (aka cabbage face) problem, as my 5005 suffers slightly from this?

Thanks for the link to LtnRPC. Is this the equivalent of the region free remote hack (key in 2690 on some menu) or do I need to do both?



Ian: Drive held in place by metal bracket at front and two metal “feet” at the rear. Removal of nylon bushings is not required for the half height drives.

For the LH18A1P drive ( or SOHW 1633, 1983, etc ) LiteOn drives, their mounting screws enable one to re-use the original DDW-451 or 813S drive mounting “feet”.

A good visual depiction with narrative on drive changes is located at


Its a little “thin” on removing the front door face and minor things but in general is a very good description.

The LtnRPC is used to change the Region Code that is INTERNAL to the drive. Mine was initially set to “2” and was changed to “0” or region free.

The “setup”, highlight exit but don’t press, enter 2960, then select region desired allows you to change the main board region code, but it is lost if you power off/on ( I think ). In effect, there’s 2 region codes. One embedded in the dvd drive, and the other in software on the ‘motherboard’ in the player unit.

For a drive replacement, you must change the internal drive software using LtnRPC or other program, else the drive itself won’t recognize commercially mfg. dvds or ones encoded from another region.

As to firmware upgrades, make sure you use the UK versions and Not the US/Canada versions. Quite different, I believe. Firmware beyond the 0098 apparently is not amenable to MV hack as far as I’ve read.

Perhaps see


for additional reading.

Just to finish this off, I put a LiteOn DW1670 (aka Philips/BenQ DVD8900) in my 5005, and it seems to work fine. Fitting was a bit fiddly, I ended up taking the bottom metal plate off, hacking some metal off the front of the top bit, and when I came to put it in the case I had to lift the back up a little with some folded paper to make everything line up nicely.

The only problem is that sometimes when the unit is turned off I get faint ‘ticking’ noises, presumably from the drive. Can be fixed by pulling the power out, turning off and on and waiting a bit usually. Anyone else noticed this?

Thanks all who’ve posted help on how to do this.


This is how I managed to make back-up copies of commercial DVDs. I bought a Technosonic DVD-204 at RadioShack and hacked it to make it Region free and MacroVision free. To see how, go here: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdhacks.php?dvdplayer=Technosonic+DVD-204
I have had this machine for four years and I am quite happy with it.
When I want to make a DVD copy I hook up the Technosonic to my 5005 and start the recording process. The 5005 doesn’t see any MV because it has been stripped off by the Technosonic and the recording goes flawlessly.