5005 or 5006?

I’m looking to get one or the other.

Was told the 5005’s tuner doesn’t receive stereo TV broadcasts (so I’m guessing the DVD’s it records end up with mono sound).

Anyone know if that’s true for sure? (No offense to the party who told me this…I’m asking for a reason.)

I asked Lite On about it and they told me neither the 05 nor the 06 get stereo…

Because both have analog tuners.

Yeah…I know. Very informed customer service people.

I responded to this and asked for them to double check.

This time the woman said both DID have stereo tuners.

Of course, this is from someone who didn’t know the difference between the words “stereo” and “digital”. (Or between the words “mono” and “analog”.)

Can anyone clear this up for me?

I like the fact they can “write all”.


One other question on them-

What I’ve read about them says that whether they’re using +R or -R media, they record in something called DVD+VR format.

What does that mean? Is that the format that, for example, -R really should record in, or is this different from what a different -R recorder would do?


I have the LVW 5005 Dec. 04 USA model. I have it hooked up with S-Video from my Satelite Dish to the LVW, then S-Video to my TV. I also have a Sony STR-K660P Suround Sound hooked up to the LiteOn with the Fiber Optic cable connection. The Sony processes the sound in all of its formats. It certainly sounds like it is in Stereo to me, but I am just guessing.
Regard’s; Pop’s

I understand that the tuner on the 5005 which I have is mono for sure! I have never used the tuner because I use the S-Video and composite (audio) hook-ups for my 5005. Everything is recorded in DVD+VR format except the VCD & SVCD, most disc have to be finalized to work in other DVD players or copied to your hard drive on your PC to edit and encode to a DVD-Video format which is the most compatible format!! It can be tricky and I’m still learning about the DVD+VR format myself! There are some threads in the Forum discussing this if you look around. DigitalFAQ.com is a good site also.

I just bought a 5006 and am in the process of setting it up. On the back of the unit, there are left and right RCA audio in and out plugs. I’m assuming that means that the tuner is stereo. Is that correct, or am I being naive?


Yes the 5006’s tuner is stereo (at least the uk version cant say for others in case there might be a difference I simply dont know)

As for the DVD+VR mode;

In short, DVD VR is a format that enables you to produce a DVD movie that can be edited. A DVD produced in VR format will allow you to add new video contents, change menu backgrounds, insert chapters, split video clips and even remove unwanted video segments (as long as you have enough space available on the disc).

You can read more here but basically DVD+VR mode is what allows you to edit the disc even though its been burnt to and unlike the DVD-VR mode DVD+VR can be played back in DVD+ compliant drives and standalone home DVD players.

I Have A 5005 The Board In It Says 5006 Do You Think This Would Be Stereo???

bsquared - the rca outs do not necesarily translate to the tuner being stereo…the 5005 does record in 2 channel stereo with a like source…stereo vcr, receiver, stereo rca out cable box…ect. The rca stereo outs on 5005 could only be for a stereo dvd, and like a 5.1/DTS dvd through the digital coax out, or optical audio out.
Is everyone positive the 5006 DOES have a stereo tuner?