5005 Now Records and Plays ONLY DVDs


We’ll see what garygad says, but I also lived in asia for a while (Indonesia). I suspect the Philippines is not much different. If he sends the unit back to the states for repair, it will cost a lot to ship it (possibly more than it is worth), then he runs the risk of having to pay import duty to bring the machine back in. As he pointed out, if he takes it to an “authorized service center”, but it is a “gray market” machine (meaning not imported from LiteOn by a LiteOn distributor), the service center may not honor the warranty. To make matters worse, many of the gray market retailers consider a purchase as “without warranty”. So he may not even have a recourse with the place of purchase.

Bottom line, this is wrong. It is not LiteOn doing it, but the people who run the service center. But not all countries operate like the U.S., Europe, Japan or Australia. In those countries warranty work is relatively straight forward. I hope he has no problem. His unit clearly failed within the warranty period and LiteOn should repair it no matter what country it resides in. If he acquired it new, the warranty “should” be honored no matter where he purchased it. That is why I suggested he raise hell with LiteOn Headquarters if he runs into a problem. It may not do any good, but it can’t hurt. On the other hand, they may simply repair the unit. At least in Indonesia it was totally unpredictable. So much for the wonders of globalization!

unwired - I didn’t realize that shipping could be that much and about the
“gray market”. Thanks for settimg me straight!

garygad - again - best of luck