5005 Now Records and Plays ONLY DVDs

I have a 5005 (USA model), Nov 94 Mfg, updated with the latest drive and FW (LNFA1098.ES5) downloads. Except for the lousy tuner, it was working pretty well since I bought it in January. Until today, that is. This morning, I was burning an audio CD, and a couple of minutes into the recording, the sound cut off. After checking cables, source, etc., I ejected the CD-RW I was burning. When I reloaded it, the 5005 tried to read for awhile and then displayed “NO DISK”. I tried a blank CD, then a commercially made CD, then a CD I had previously burned on the 5005. All “NO DISK”! The weird thing is, it still plays, and records, DVDs - any kind. It has lost the ability to recognize anything on CD - Audio, VCD, SVCD. Has anybody encountered this problem and is there any quick fix? Help!

garygad - I read there are 2 seperate lasers in the combo burners 1- for CD’s and 1 for DVD’s. Sounds to me like the cd laser went :Z . Ya got 8 months left on the warranty I would send that bad boy back

I agree with jm1647. I had a similar problem with a LG combo drive CD-RW/DVD-ROM. It suddenly stopped reading DVDs, and the problem was with the DVD laser, because cds were working fine. The problem was I could never figure why it broke.

Since the 5005’s have two different drives depending on manufacture date, are drive related problems/failures more common with one drive versus the other? Based on GaryGad’s date of manufacture I’m guessing his drive is the DDW-813s. I don’t recall seeing many posts on drive problems with machines using the DDW-451s. Also, since the newer drives recently had a drive FW update, it leads me to wonder if it could be related to premature laser failure or if this is just a fluke. Does anyone know what the FW update changed on the drive?

unwired - I’m not sure what changed in the updates but by my serial number 0102-1840 (as listed on the liteon site is the motherboard and drive) and by op0ening up my Sept '04 5005 it has the 602 motherboard and the ddw-451-s drive. Maybe garygad can post his serial number from the setup screen and take a peek inside and see what motherboard and drive he has.

Yes, the drive unit in my 5005 is a DDW-813S. Re the two laser postulate, I have been told by someone engaged in computer repair that dual drives do not have two lasers and that the likely problem is the spin motor.

RE: Internal SN, after the downloaded upgrades, it is 0102-1840-0098-B208(105-010D). I have the data from the motherboard but not with me right now. I’ll post it some other time.

Don’t know if this is helpful or not. Here is the link to the optical drive catalog for Liteon PC drives. http://www.liteonit.com/ODD/English/e_product/e_dvd%20rw.asp

From what I have read in the past, in this forum, the DDW-813s is essentially the same as the LDW-851S. The DDw-451S is essentially the same as the LDW-451S. There are no indications in the specifications that separate lasers are used. This does not mean that they aren’t, just that they are not indicated.

Several forum members have tried replacing the DDW drives with PC drives with mixed success. Here is a link to a thread by nickkk that was pretty detailed. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=125214 The conclusion being that it will work for most everything but reading encrypted commercial DVDs. I bring this up as this may be a potential low cost solution for others that may have garygad’s problem but are beyond warranty.

I have sent the following e-mail to Liteon Tech Support and will post back if I receive an answer to my questions.

I have[I] read in some forums that the LVW5005 comes equipped with two different drives, depending on date of manufacture.

Older models have the DDW-451S

Newer models have the DDW-813S

This leaves me with some questions.

1). What are the differences in the two drives?

2). In your ODD catalog you have LDW-451S and LDW-851S for PC application. Can these be used as replacement drives if the DDW version fails?

3). I have read that the CD writing and DVD writing feature of the DDW drives have separate lasers, is this true?

Hmm garydad’s unit has the 813s drive that throws the second set of numbers in the serial number out the window as to what drive is in it as per the liteon site. I’ve got the ddw-451s and my serial number is also 0102-1840 also.

@unwired - nice work, hopefully they answer your email and we’ll get to the bottom of the 2 laser thing

garygad got an answer 2 days ago from CodeKing here
that the drive has 2 lasers.

I was just thinking - if the spin motor works for the DVD’s what would stop it from spinning for the CD’s…the 2 laser thing must be the culprit


Did your source indicate “how” the spin motor could be the issue? I tend to see this similar to jm1647, if DVDs work, doesn’t that indicate the spin motor works? Now if there is something else going on such as for DVDs the spin moor rotates at “x” rpm and for CDs it rotates at “y” rpm, then maybe the speed control circuit or something similar is whacked out. But I’m guessing my butt off here and that’s not going to solve your problem.

I think the bigger question is Does your problem start and stop with the drive itself? If so, Liteon should be able to replace the drive under warranty and you should be back up and running in no time. If it is a situation outside the drive, then replacing the drive does not fix it. But at this point there is no evidence pointing away from the drive itself.

@garygad if ya bought in less time than where you bought it allows you to take it back, take it back and get another one. Either way your within the 1 yr. warranty period (Mfr Nov '04) from LiteOn, so swap it where you bought it or send it back to LiteOn. Also the one of the King Of LiteOn’s (CodeKing) told you 2 days ago that the drive had 2 lasers, and the trouble was probably in the cd laser/circuitry why ask someone else? I would tend to believe CodeKing as he is one of the 2 major reasons LiteOn sells as many drives as they do.

unwired - either way for the cost it takes to get a unit back to LiteOn for an RMA from what I’ve seen is $18 US, he can’t get hurt. Also hopefully LietOn replies to your email.

No offense meant to CodeKing or anybody else on this forum. I’m just seeking useful info. Might be of help to someone else who ends up with the same problem. Re warranty service, yes, theoretically, the unit is under warranty. But, and it’s a big but, I live in the Philippines. The norm here is that products to be covered by the local authorized service center come with either a local warranty or an international warranty. My unit was purchased from a dealer in hi-fi equipment whose “authority” has not yet been confirmed. It may be a “grey market” unit. If so, I might be out of luck warranty-wise. But#2, warranty service here often gets low priority when the center has a lot of “paying stuff” to fix. I don’t want the unit held up for weeks and weeks particularly since it still records and plays DVDs, the main reason I bought it. We just came off a long weekend here so I am going to look into my likelihood of speedy warranty service. If it turns out that I will have to pay then the more information I can gather, the better position I’ll be in. Jm1647 asked about my mother board info. It is: 693345W06A302 REV:02 DMN8602A2.

unwired - thanks for the link to NickKK’s thread. Much interesting stuff there.

:slight_smile: No offense taken


I understand your point about warranty, but… If you run into any issues with an authorized service center repairing a problem on a unit that is only a few months old, I would raise hell with LiteOn HQ. Considering this is likely just the drive, they should be able to send you a replacement drive and let you do the replacement yourself. Please post back to the forum if you get any warranty hassles. LiteOn tends to read the forum from time to time and they should know.


I think we can put this one to bed and declare it to be a failed CD burning laser. Here is the response I received from LiteOn to the questions posted previously:

Dear Sir,
> Thanks for contacting us we will answer you item by item:
> 1.Both drive will provide the same performance and functions, we use
> different drives just for manufacturing consideration.
> 2.Any attempts to replace the drive should not be recommended, it may
> cause
> some unexpected damages to the recorder.
> 3.kindly be informed that the DDW drives have separate lasers.
> Best regards,
> Customer Service Division, DCBU
> =======================================
> Customer Service Division
> Lite-On IT Corp. www.liteonit.com
> =======================================

It is now clear that separate lasers are involved. Their answers to items 1 and 2 are a little confusing. Sounds like the drives are identical, but they don’t want a user base doing self-repair. My guess is this is driven as much by a desire to charge more for a DDW drive, which has to be purchased from LiteOn, versus buying and LDW drive from literally thousands of PC component suppliers.

Good luck and hope this helps in some way.

Thanks very much for all your responses. Special thanks to unwired for taking the trouble to get an email out of LiteOn Tech Support. I will let you know what happens as soon as possible.

garygad, you mean you can’t send it back to LiteOn for repair?