5005 No longer Reading Imation 4x DVD R-

Well after 6 weeks of pretty good usage and about a 95% good usuage with the recommended Imation 4x DVD R- Media, the 5005 stopped reading the discs - coming back with an invalid disc message in 20 attempts. Does the same thing with 8x R- Imation media.

Went through both levels of tech support, upgraded to latest firmware et all, but no change.

Their solution is to send it in for service, sigh, after only 7 weeks of service.

The one thing that bothers me is that my cheap comp usa discs still appear to be going through the preparing process and being read. I’ve stopped using them and gone to the more expensive “approved” imation media, so that they can be read on other DVD players.

Any advice before sending it in? any thoughts on why 20 Imation discs that worked great before don’t and the cheap compusa is still being read?

Thanks in advance.

remerson1 - did you get invalid disc when trying to prepare a new one or on a already finalized disc or were they disc written to but not finalized? Just curious.

I was trying to prepare a new disc - tried about 30 of them from 3 different manuf. including Imation, Memorex, FMI/Compusa. FMI works, Imation 4x and 8x and Memorex 8x all don’t prepare.

the laser could be dying… only 7 weeks. What is the return policy of the store where you bought it? Kmart and others have a 90 day return policy and that would save you the postage and the wait for it to get back to you.

Does it read R+ or RW-? I had a similar problem with my machine not reading R+ after previously having no probs. But it would still read RW+. Turned out to be a hardware issue with the drive mechanism.

Compusa return policy is only 21 days so I’ve got to ship it back to Liteon. Perhaps I should have purchased the extended Compusa warranty, but I know those are big profit makers and the price was close to 50 percent of the price of the unit.

Won’t read the RW+ disc that it came with either.

I know that this box is a low-end box, but I feel 7 weeks to failure is pretty poor. Box was manufactured in Dec. 04, so they’ve been running these down the line for a while now.

I sympathise with US customers re. guarantees. In the UK our consumer laws make the supplier responsible and most give a 1 year guarantee.

Also, the UK laws mean that we have the right to return something within a reasonable period and get a full refund if there are any problems (beyond that you normally get an exchange). The definition of a reasonable period varies but is typically around 4 weeks.

I remember a few years ago one of the major UK suppliers of PCs tried to invoke the US style 90 day guarantee but soon had to back off (presumably lack of sales - if you are used to one year, your natural reaction is that machines only protected by 90 days must be dodgy to say the least!).

Recently my Liteon 5001 died after six months - I went back to the store - got a replacement without any problems.

remerson1, although the imations apparently are on the L approved, I have seen posts in past about poor luck with these - don’t know about your specific issue though. I have never used, but have had very inconsistent results with Memorex (seen posts about inconsistent media quality)- so kinda matches your issues, unless of course they just started with these brands…If that FMI/Compusa is the ones marked COMPUSA, I bought a 100 pack (r-) awhile back for 19.95…they prepare and record fine, but just about any I have used have some kind of glitch on playback, intermittent frame drop, or momentary picture breakup…don’t get this on any name brand disc’s I use (Philips, Sony, ect.). I have used same with ripper software/computer burn, and problems there also.

I figure just not the greatest quality, get what you pay for deal!

Oilman in the US the Liteon 5005 comes with a 1 yr warranty from LiteOn but it has to be returned to LiteOn for replacement or repair. The stores in my area vary from 30 days to 90 days for exchange/refund and also sell 1 yr extended warrantys for the 5005 for around $17.00
I don’t buy the store warrantys I use my charge card and get double the mfr warranty of up to 1 yr for free from my credit card. The UK stores are great in where you can just exchange/refund for a year from them especially if it is free!

I and my daughter are also having problems with Maxell + R’s. I backed up movies when we 1st purchased these two units and all was well, they all played fine. That was with the mac. and 3 hr. hack. Now the dvd’s that previously played on the machines are coming up as invalid disc. So I went to Lite On’s site and downloaded the lastest official firmware and applied it to both machines, no change same problem. The DVD’s play on two other stand alones, one a cheap daewoo and the other a panasonic. They all originally played on the 5005 but now they aren’t reconized. I thought it may just be my machine but her’s is doing it also, we purchased them both at the same time. 3 mo. old. Not very pleased with this. I guess we are lucky enough to have a 1 yr warranty so back they both go. Yes the discs where finalized and yes they all previously played in the machine before.
PS: Both machines are in an open enviorment , not closed in so heat shouldn’t be an issue. To make sure I turned off the machine overnight and started it in the am put the dvd in and still…invalid disc. I recently tried verbatiums same result. If anyone has found the problem I would appreciate a hollar before I send them back.

When these discs were finalized, was there physical space left on the disc? In other words, were the recordings stopped prior to the disc becoming full. I have found that the Liteon will complete finalize process even if the disc is full prior to this, but in reality doesn’t finalize. The few disc’s I made this mistake with, at least initially, will play on the LIteon that burned them, but not my other dvd player.

The other possibility is that the laser in your Liteon is bad, or out of alignment. Check in see if any disc, even commerical, plays properly in the unit. Worse comes to worse, and if still in warranty, is a trip back to Liteon for repair - from East Coast to West Coast was only $14 for shipping, so that should be most you would have to pay…not desirable, but your only option unless you can return/exchange at sales point.

I think the only option is to rma them both. It will play pressed disc, ie: original studio recordings, but now it won’t even play some programs that where recorded with the lite on machine. Sometimes when a disc is inserted it makes a noises(grinding) that sounds like somthing slipping at a high rpm. All of these dics previously played on these two machines with no problems. That was with the hacked fw. I did both of them the day they where purchased and they played fine for the past 3 mo. Thinking it may be related to the hacked fw I updated to the latest (105) from lit on. Still same problem. Also sometimes when a disc is inserted it will just freeze, no buttons will work and I have to unplug the machine and re start to get the disc out. Like I said, all of these discs worked previously on the machines so my thinking is if there where a problem with the disc it should have showed up originally, not play them for 3 mo. and then not reconize them. Originally it played and recorded fine. I even used a staples RW disc I recorded a movie on with my PC’s LG recorder and it played it fine…no more. So, I guess my only option now is to do as you suggested and send them back, the shipping charge right now is a small price to pay to get these working again as I “was” very pleased with them. Thanks for your reply larry3030cd, but like I said in the previous posts, these same discs will play on a standalone panasonic and a really cheap daewoo unit.