5005-No Disk message no matter what I try

Mr Horse - Thanks again…the pics will be nice to check out!

hey JM and anyone else interested :slight_smile:
here are most of the pics taken , some were unusable due to my pixie girls shaky hand , lil too blurry to make out :frowning: , oh well shite happens :slight_smile:

but heres some which should perhaps help a little ? either way its enjoyable to complete the process

Mr Horse - Nice Work !!! Thanks for the pics. I might try puttin’ my 832s in my 5005.

Thanks Again!!

Great info and photos Mr_Horse! :bow:

Thinking of doing the same as soon as my 5005 goes bad again (warranty period nearly out) I think I’ll try a SOHW-812s drive as the replacement. I may also install some extra heat sinks and maybe a second fan to vent at the bottom. :cool:

I would think in addition to setting the jumper to MASTER it would be a good idea to install the drive in a computer and download + install the latest firmware for it. :rolleyes:

Then I may take the old 5005 drive and test it out in my computer.

hey he everybody or anybody :slight_smile:

i didnt want to tool with the new drive too much and at the time of install im sure i rationalised it in my own lil universe somewhere within my poorly wired brain …i possibly even told myself that if it worked initially id remove the new drive install it to the PC and update firmware …but like oh so much to do with PC’s i was too busy enjoying something to do something …so in short mine aint gots no new firmware just the firmware on the drive which from memory was a “last of stock” item manufactured in october ought 4
oh and ive not had a single problem whatsoever with the new now a few months on with much constant usage :slight_smile: