5005-No Disk message no matter what I try

OK, so I’ve had the 5005 for about a month now. Really like the player except for the green hue issue that most everyone is having. Here’s my issue. I recently upgraded to a hacked 1098, which worked fine, but then I upgraded the DVD drive with 1000. Ever since then, my 5005 will not read any disk. I get the ‘no disk’ readout, no matter what I put in the player. I’ve tried burned movies, retail movies and retail CD’s. It will not read any of them

My question is, what options do I have?

I can return it, but I don’t think I have the box any more, not to mention finding the receipt.

Can I replace the DVD drive? If so, with what make/model?

Can I attempt to reflash, like from a PC? I obviously cant do it from within the unit, since it wont read CD’s or DVD’s.

Can someone help me?

– dstmo

dstmo; In reading back in some of the post’s in this forum, its seems maybe that you will have to go into your setup menu and put everything back to default. Then, using your internal serial # I would first load the Firmware, then do the Drive upgrade, and lastly put in the hacked firmware. Is it possible the Hack you used is not for your particular machine??
Regards; Pop’s


I did put back to ‘default’ but it still will not read any CD’s or DVD’s, therefore, I cannot update the firmaware. I definitely will follow your order tho if I can get the drive to boot a disk.

– dstmo

Anyone know if I can rip this sucker out and install in my PC to flash firmware, etc? Can I replace with a different DVD burner?

Take a look at this thread!

dstmo; I have also read in cases similar to yours, that if you put the firmware disc in the tray and then power off the machine, then repower back up, sometimes it will read the upgrade disc. Might be worth a try??
Regards; Pop’s

yeah, put the official 1098 in the tray, and it wont read it. It wont read anything.

Had1, are you implying in that post that this is how you can upgrade the firmware outside of the DVD recorder? It will be worth a try, but I have never tried Omnipatcher, etc…

Oh well, cna’t make it any worse, I suppose.

Do I have any other options? Can I replace it with another DVD burner? or ???

I haven’t had to try it!! I would look around on the fourm before I jumped!! I might even call lliteon! Try a PRIVATE MESSAGE to COdeKing, he’s the expert!!

Sounds like you found yet another firmware problem -destmo.

I have been working on a problem which seems to come from drive firmware as well.

  1. Invalid disc error of dvd-rw(minus kind) --must be in region 1 in odder to format or use the disk.
  2. When recording if you let the player record by itself to the limit of the formated disc it seems it won’t let you finalize the disc.

yeah, lucky me with a firmware issue. It said the firmware flash (1000) was successful, but now it won’t read any media. so now I want to remove from the unit and flash with a PC, but I cant figure out how to get the DVD out of the unit, and I do not know what firmware to flash (need the correct binary).

– dstmo

Was which firmware was E20 or e30 version ?
try and remove ribbon and repower unit and press eject. if this fails then under face plate on the right side use a screw driver and push wheel to eject the disc–though this might damage the disc.

Just had my wife check my PC at home, it was E20 version. The PC firmware flasher I’m supposed to use is expecting a file in binary format (.bin), so now that is what I’m looking for. Anyone help me with this file?

– dstmo

the firmware at the liteon site is zipped via compression-
I’ll try and contact you later tommorrow. -
you unzipped firmware and used nero or roxio ?
burned it as data disc and named the disc like the other firmware correct?

yeah, I upgraded to 1098, then 1098 w/3 hr mode, then 1000 (e20). All burned correctly, etc. Machine went to 100%, shut down and restarted (after every step), but would not read any DVD or CD after the DVD drive firmware upgrade. Therefore, I need to reflash via PC, just need the .bin file from someone. Liteon’s official is LNFA1000.e20, so not sure what I can do with it

– dstmo

ask codeking if he has bin for use on pc.

C0deKing sent me to Hodr, but Hodr has not responded to me just yet. Hoping he will tonight, as I’d like to get it running again, seeing as my Tivo is just about full again.

– dstmo

dtsmo - I been playing with my US Sep '04 5005 with the ddw-451s in it. I used Ltnfw to back up my firmware and got a 1024 kb file.

greetings all
just wanted to post a lil back so hopefully i too can help someone out as so many here have helped me out .

I bought the liteon 5005 in january of ought 5 and was actually most impressed with the quality and have been using it extensively , and i mean extensively , since then . It had its little quirks and weird things would happen from time to time (main thing that “bugged” me was the delay in starting to record unless the disc had recently been inserted ) but all of them are not that much of a drama for the price and all the rest of the times it worked beautifully .
However something REALLY weird happened just the other day , it was set for a timed recording for 1 hour (not the timer just the easy guider timed record) and it spat the dummy and recorded all the way through to the “disc full” alert on the display , now i got home and found this and thought nothing of it but then it failed to finalise the disc and i began to worry , i tried many tests and it kept failing with more and more frequency until it would no longer recognise a DVD-R (taiyo yuden so i knew it wasnt the discs) , yet after more testing it would still recognise and work perfectly everytime with DVD+RW …and this was freaking me out …yet my main source of recording is DVD-R so i was most perturbed indeed .
the next morning i called the place i bought it (JB hifi in oztralia - for $330AU) and they said as per any retailer would really “oh well have to bring it in for warranty fix , should be back in 6 weeks , maybe 4” …now im just not that patient of an individual , so i pulled the thing apart , saw that it was just an PC IDE cable and power cable connected to the drive , so i went and bought a liteon 1673S DVD burner for a PC and after much “negotiation” with the portion of the original drive which poked out the front of the casing (having to turn the power on to open the drive and fiddle - it came off by pulling gently but with a little force outwards and then upwards …slightly different to changing a PC’s drive faceplate) and then i just had to connect it up and away i went , all back to normal and with only about and hours worth of worry and effort i was back in action recording , twas even able to finalise the disc the original drive got half way through finalising and failed .
the ONLY drawbacks are that
A) the casing doesnt fit back on superbly with the new drive as it sits flush against the top of the cover. (had to gaffa/duct tape the new drive in so its fairly secure and cannot move around - ahhh gaffa/duct tape is there nothing you cannot do wink.gif
B) the front faceplate has to come off the new drive otherwise it wont fit through the slot for the drive
C) the original front faceplate doesnt sit on the PC drive and is just slotted in the hole at the front at the moment to keep the dust out but im sure ill bodgy up a solution soon enough and either way i didnt have to miss recording a darn tootin thing for 4-6 weeks .
so hope this helps someone and if anyone wants pici-tures of the “operation” juts post back and ill either post em or send em to u smile.gif
or any other questions about the “operation” just post and ill try my besterest smile.gif
thanks and hope today is a good one for you smile.gif

wibble smile.gif

Mr. Horse - Thanks for the Info - I’d be interestied in seeing the pictures and how you got the faceplaye of the 5005 dribe tray.


hey JM
the faceplate was a tricksie lil bugger , i am still not 100% sure how it was secured even looking at it right now …but it did involve having the unit plugged in and ejecting the drive and gently but firmly getting a lil screwdriver into 2 slots on the underside of the faceplate spacer as ill call it , to explan - the faceplate of a PC drive is just a 2-3mm thick thing , as is the one on the 5005 , the bt with “DVDdual” printed on it , HOWEVER screwed into this is a spacer which is snapped on to the front of the actual drive , on the underside of this spacer are 2 evenly spaced slots which i slotted a iddy biddy screwdriver into and prodded a little until i found the correct way …im sorry it isnt a better description but its much easier to do something like that than describe how it was done , especially when u have no real idea what youre doing

and as far as the pictures go , ill try to get them posted ASAP , but ive gotta resize em for here first so they isnt too big :slight_smile:

PS for anyone else reading aswell , make sure u set the new drive (if this operation is an option for you ) as master as most come set as slave these days it seems :slight_smile: