5005 Loud As Hell! Playback Very Bad!

originals playback fine but my Ritek backed up DVD movies turn the fan on as if its in record mode!
is my only solution to buy another device to play DVD’s?

No. just use a better grade of media. Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim should do fine.

I have tried Ricoh & Verbatim to no avail.

Heres the thing that drives me up the wall.

When I go to play the extras no noise! When I goto main movie title the fan turns on screaming!

What did I get myself into.

From one crap to another. And LITE-ON was suppose to be the good brand, the one that supplies to Sony.

Hard for me to answer now as I replaced my drive and installed an extra fan to keep things cool. When I had org drive the fan would run with cheep fake TY media only even then the fan was not very loud.

in the review, when it states ISO200 on the 20D is that realy ISO100 by real world standards?

its not the fan, the disc is spinning realy fast!

sorry guys i made a mistake on that previous question totaly unrelated here.

mr.sleep, right about the drive spinning loud, not the fan - and generally in my experience because of questionable media - the drives they put in the 5005 aren’t the most flexible when comes to recordable media! Taiyo Yuden is great media, doesn’t look like much, but is pretty error free in all ways. Also here is another way to go, but probably don’t want to hear - replace the stock drive with another more capable liteon drive(maybe any drive, not sure) - pretty easy - there is another liteon thread (original author hypnotist), that explains - currently on page 40 or 41 of thread will put you near discussion - I have done so with a Liteon 1213S - and has been perfect since - but still makes sense to use good quality media. They TY’s you can get pretty cheap in bulk from places like Supermediastore, ect…

thanks for your help larry, im not sure if i want to replace the drive its brand new, just got it today!

i also tried firmware upgrade from liteon and there link is dead!

this is my first lite-on purchase with a realy bad experience.

i mean i have already tried media that is acceptable media. Ricoh, Verbatim, and the supplied disc that comes with the unit!
so after that experience i beleive there is no hope in trying TY.

my only option is to try this firmware upgrade (currently dead link! like the problem with the device isnt inough!) and if it doesnt work its going back never will i buy liteon again.

i purchased this from the reccomendations made here, then i read all the praised reviews and what i get is below the performance level of the ALDI brand Tevion recorder (if only it didnt die on me).

well, this model is sort of not for the squeamish, I had to send one back intially, but actually due to a bad flash - performance prior wasn’t that bad. Also, with players as cheap as they are, that isn’t a bad idea. I use the 5005 for recording only, mainly due to the mechanical noise you mention. However I think recorders in general are noiser than players, even my Liteon 1693 is fairly noisey on the computer, but works great.
Disappointing for sure, but in looking at forums for other standalones, the problems and gripes seem to be present for most other manuf’s…

Anyhoo, hope it works out for you!

thanks larry, i’ve sent the unit back and now have to wait about 3 weeks, long as all goes well im happy with that.

BTW, the Tevion was whisper quiet in record and playback mode.

@Mr Sleep - welcome to the world of LiteOn :smile: larry3030cd said it well, this model is sort of not for the squeamish but as he mentioned all the DVD recorders have a problem of their own. I have mine almost a year and wore out the origninal drive in it playing and recording. I know use it for recording only with a replacement SOHW LiteOn 832s combo burner and use a cheap Apex for playing. They can be nerve wracking but worth having. Here’s hoping everything is ok with the replacement!