5005 - Is it time to consider a lawsuit before our Warranties Expire?

In the 7 months I have owned my 5005 it has only worked 35% of the time. The rest has been in downtime, getting through to tech L1 and L2 (which can take several days unless you have hours to spend on the phone) transit time to CA, repair time, transit time back to your location.

I am waiting for my 4th unit in 7 months. I have 5 more months of warranty coverage, after which the unit becomes a peice of furniture. Given my experience, in my year of ownership, I will have “rented” a working machine for a total of 5 months, which is totally unacceptable.

I know that many of you are experience similar horror stories of your machines breaking down.

How many of us would accept a car or truck that worked 35% of the time, with the remaining time spent in service or waiting for parts? Not one in my opinion.

The bottom line is pretty clear. There is a engineering flaw in the 5005 units that cause them to fail after a few months. There are many of us that don’t hack their machines and still suffer failures (like me), so I don’t believe that this is firmware issue at all and hacking shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Firmware doesn’t cause the grinding noises we all hear prior to death.

I do believe that we as a group should do something, whether it be a lawsuit or complaint to the FTC or something. I know that certain states have something called the “lemon Law” that usually pertains to vehicles, but also pertains to other consumer products as well:

Lemon Law America
If you think you have a lemon car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, boat or other lemon consumer product, including lemon computers, the state lemon laws and other federal consumer protection laws could help you get rid of that lemon! The lemon laws are different in each state, see www.lemonlawamerica.com

Pursuing this individually will not carry the weight that a mass complaint will have.

One question is: What do we want? Our money back? doubtful - frankly I would be happy with 2 more years of free warranty service. they have to fix this sooner or later.

Our warranty clocks are ticking, so we need to act soon. Let’s discuss.

One question is: What do we want? Our money back? doubtful - frankly I would be happy with 2 more years of free warranty service. they have to fix this sooner or later.

I would like the extended warranty as I have had 5 RMA and now mine is over a year old.

Well, I wouldn’t mind my money back, just so I can get a new recorder made by Panasonic or someone else, but yeah - if they are going to fix it this decade, I’d love the promise from them that I’m not going to get left in the cold when they get around to fixing it.

And yes, we all need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau I think? Right? I’m going to do mine right, I’ll let you know how it goes…

ok it requires a little more info then I have here, but I’ll do it tomorrow and update you with how easy it is (looks pretty darn easy, I’m filing it in California since they have a subsidary there, but we might need to eventually do it for the home country of the corporation.)

My only problem with all of this is that after several months my 5005 is still working flawlessly, and I feel left out.

Would someone here please advise me as to what I can do to ruin my machine as well? :smiley:

Even the occasional “jerky movement” problem at the 3 and 4 hour settings has pretty much gone away. WHATEVER SHALL I DO?!?! :sad:

Maybe do a heck of a lot of burns on it like I did on my 5005 ddw-451s to have media trouble like I had :slight_smile: . My 5005 is still going strong with the 832s in it. The green is gone and the jerky movement, I can say I never noticed.

$149 for my 5005 in Nov '04 + $25.99 for new 1693s burner from buy.com after $30 credit for using their charge card = 1 presently happy 5005 with 832s burner owner :bigsmile: and the 1693s burns awesome !!!

Lucky :slight_smile: Mine has actually stopped showing the problems it did not 6 hours after I started using the latest RMA. I am still sending it back though, and hopefully they will still RMA it, because my last unit did the same thing – occasionally had problems that increased in instances later on in the units life. sigh

I have had 5 RMA now i’m out of time hope they will still RMA it if I have problems but i will put a new drive in it rather than have them fix it for $


Don’t know if there is a sure fire way to ruin it or not. Some users are lucky. What we don’t have a good feel for is the % of users with problems. Most people without problems don’t post “just thought I’d let you know mine is still working”. So we mostly see posts from folks with problems. Is this 5%, 10%, or a higher percentage of the installed user base. Like you, mine is working fine. But with all the complaints I keep waiting for the day that it won’t recognize a disk. I still believe my older drive (DDW 411s) is less prone to the problems. You see very few postings related to that drive. But who knows. There are many different motherboards as there are drives.

As JM1647 suggested, if you want to see if it can be brought to failure, just burn, burn, burn.

I’m glad that the users who haven’t had problems are having fun at the expense of those that have had nothing but problems. 4 machines in 6 months, and only 2 months of usage over that time is the poorest up-time of anything I’ve ever owned. EVER.

Imagine you bought a brand new car that’s spent 4 out of the first 6 months in the shop and had 3 complete failures in that time. Funny, huh.

Just as there are probably people with good results that haven’t posted, I’m sure that there are people that have just given up with the machine, and many that don’t know about this website.

I’ve spent over 8 hours on the phone, packaging the units up for shipping and shipping them back to Liteon. In addition to the cost of the unit, I spent an additional $25 shipping the unit back to them (I get free return shipping now). All in all this has been a nightmare of a purchase.

I’m glad that other people aren’t having problems, but I sure wouldn’t make posts asking “how can I make my unit fail” so I can be like the othe losers that have machines that constantly break down for no reason other than they picked the wrong company to buy from.


I think you’re missing the point.

For starters, I’m sorry you feel we’re poking fun. We’re not.

As said above, while there ARE people who’ve had problems and have been very vocal, we don’t know what the percentage is of overall buyers.

My comments about mine not having failed are to make the point that not all have died, so just how much basis IS there for a suit? (And, admittedly, it’s also a case of laughing in the face of adversity, since with what you’ve all said, there’s that tiny little chance that “this could happen to me too”.)

I recall a very nice portable (but LARGE) stand alone stereo cassette recorder/player I bought at Radio Shack years ago.

Nice large speakers, for the most part VERY good sound, but there was a slight hiss on one of the tracks, and no matter how many times their repair people had it, it kept coming back with the same problem. Finally I gave up, had the law on my side to MAKE them take it back and refund my money (even tho’ it’d been months) and ended up getting a different machine from a different source.

We DO understand your frustration. It’s just that it ISN’T happening to everyone, and we STILL don’t know if you’re in the minority or the majority. :frowning: