5005- is gree nand cabbage patch on DVDs? or just output

I am debating upgrading my FW (to try and fix a +RW issue) - but get nervous with these various problems of tint etc.
BUT is THAT problem - JUST on the output from the unit - or does it copy like that to the disks?

I want this more for creating the disks - if they look fine on other players I am cool with that …

Can somoene confirm if these issue -also go to disks that are burnt or just fro mthe player going out?


yes the liteon does record the green issue to the dvd’s it creates and they are in the form of the DVD VR format. Not the dvd-video format that pioneer and marantz uses.

and it sucks and i am going to throw this thing off the second floor roof top, crappy piece of expensive junk

Beware,firmware updates won’t be able to fix that.

At 10.30 i brought a 5005 ,at 3.30 i took the piece of junk back,no matter what i did or what i used i could not get the pisser to tune in,before i took it back i gave it a good kicking,i was going to own up to that but decided it was best to say nothing. :a :a :a

yeah, you know, i am heavily into computers, and i bought this one because of the known reliability of LiteOn drives for the PC, i expected this to be another quality drive with “borrowed” video decoding internals from Sony, Toshiba, etc…looks like they got the absolute cheapest video hardware possible, i will NEVER buy another LiteOn consumer product, but they still have some of the best computer drives on the market, too bad they didn’t follow through with these

Experiences and opinions obviously vary on the 5005. Personally, I am very happy with mine for what I need (archiving movies off of DTivo). I did see the “cabbage face” issue with the original FW but that’s been fixed in the most recent release from Liteon, which I feel responded in a timely fashion.

And the cabbage face issue only affected playback (live video or DVD). With the new FW, playback now looks fine even for DVDs that I recorded with the old FW which used to show the “cabbage face” issue.

I would definitely recommend upgrading to the current FW release because of the “cabbage face” issue alone - but keep in mind that as robbie-uk points out above, there no indication that the new FW includes any fixes for +RW issues.

What issues are you seeing with +RW exactly?

  • Chris