5005 firmware upgrade failure

Its a 5005A made oct. 2004 ser. 0102-1840-0090-G2BD and i have thried every firmware at i chttp://www.pumapeople.com/liteon/ and find and none well work, it is stuck on 0090. When i put a disk it will ask to update i press ok ,it starts the update , acouple % numbers show up and then it gives me
error 15 and then locks up.I unplug it then when it turns on it says put cd in.
After trial and error i found when put a cd with this file LNFA 1000.E20 on it,the drive updated and the recorder works again .If i put another firmware disk i go througt the whole thing again.
This is new from costco thier last one so it can’t be exchanged only returned . Any ideas would be appreciated
Thanks Joe

Have you tried putting a disk with LNFA1098.ES3 file on it after unplugging and power on again? The LNFA1098.ES3 is the file needed to run the ILO mod to remove Macrovision. I’ve run the mod on 3 different units, and 2 of the 3 updated with no problem, but the third one required power off and power on again to update. On that third one I’d also already updated to latest official LiteOn firmware and then downgraded to the LNFA1098.ES3 to run the mod and flash again with mod version. Also are you following instructions at http://ilohacker.tripod.com/ and instructions for #8 in particular? Check http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=183223&page=2 also which you may find some useful info particularly on the second page.

I was able to get the LNFA1091.ESU to work but it got 97% and errored out and then only the dreded HELLO no mater what i did ,so back to costco it went
Thanks Joe

Go to http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Brand=1336&N=2100140490+50001336&Submit=ENE&Manufactory=1336&SubCategory=490
if still interested in the LVW-5005 which is where I got the last 2 I purchased which updated and hacked with no problems.