5005 DVD won't play on Laptop

I use Bulkpaq DVD+R to record TV progs.
These playback on my desk-top on Power DVD.
I have Power DVD on my Acer lap-top but the disk isn’t recognised.
I finalized the disk after recording.
Do I need some codecs ?
Many thanks.

try recording on a different media say a DVD-R

Well, thanks but the +R s play-back on everything I have except the lap-top.
It would seem to my simple mind that there is something missing from the lap-top ??

yes it could be an early DVD drive that will best read DVD-Rs not +Rs. Does it play back origional dvds? Some older DVD-ROMs will not read DVD+Rs not mutch you can do, look for a firmware update or replace the drive, set the booktype for the DVD+R to DVD-Rom, also some DVD-Rs work better than others I use TY. If you can copy your DVD+R to a DVD-R and try that. Most of my discs are DVD-Rs TY TYG02 8x

Thanks CC, we live and learn, didn’t know about booktypes, will have a go at that. Very interesting stuff this.

Have been doing a bit of research and discover that this drive (TSST Corp TS-L523A) fitted to the Acer 1363 seems to be rubbish, many problems on the forums. Have tried a DVD- as suggested and this is not read by the lap-top at all.
Is it possible to fit a new DVD read/writer ?

yes some are ez do it your self, others require more work check with Acer.

To cover all my odds I decided to re-install Power DVD and all disks play !
Acer Arcade still won’t have any though but, who cares.
Perhaps the DVD drive is not really that bad. Aint life funny !!!
Thanks again for your input CC.

Why not use RW media which don’t require finalizing and may be rewritten numerous times for recordings you don’t want to keep?