5005 digital audio recording?



This is a longshot, but I’ve gotta ask. Is there any way to record digital audio on the 5005?
My HD cable box has a hard drive built in to record programs. It’ll record DD 5.1 and HD 1080i. The only way I see to record audio is by using the analog inputs on the 5005, which I assume won’t get me DD 5.1 sound. Does this sound right?


The LiteOn machines record all audio in 2-channel MPEG format.
There is no way to record Dolby Digital 5.1 even if you could get the signal in.


This is what I found confusing, according to the manual:

Audio Recording Format:
DVD+VR (hq, sp, ep, slp): Dolby Digital 2-channel
VCD/SVCD: MPEG1 layer 2

I suppose it doesn’t matter too much because the resulting playback sounds good in Pro-Logic II. I’m using it mainly to copy shows that I’ve saved to the hard drive on my HD cable box (which I haven’t even tried yet). Some shows are saved in 1080i and I don’t know how those will record, either. I suppose it’ll either be converted to 480p or I’ll get no video at all.
The other thing I’ll do is copy some dvd’s and vhs to play on my tv/dvd combo when camping. I don’t want to take a good dvd along.
Maybe I should get a dvd burner for my computer. I wonder if there’s a macrovision hack for those lite-on models. If I copied the dvd’s that way, at least I’d have the menu options.


I looked at the Specs from Liteon america and it said the Audio recording in Mpeg2 was multi channel ??

never tried using a multi out source from the recorder or any other player so can’t tell but on some recordings it has only recorded the left channel (mono).


Technically, it is ‘multi-channel’ as 2 channels are more than 1. Ha!


Actually, I think the 5005 will record digital audio through the DV input. There may be a couple high end dvd or audio players out there (pioneer elite?) that have a firewire output. You may be able to record dd5.1 that way. Since the 5005 won’t play dvd-audio or sacd, I doubt you could do anything with that.


this is the extract from the Liteon America site as can be seen in Mpeg 1 it records 2 channels yet in Mpeg 2 it records Multi channel

In testing with the computer Powerdvd with info on running a DVD is SLP is shown as Mpeg 1 2 channel Audio
with a DVD in HQ , SP or EP shows Mpeg 2 Multi channel audio.

Audio Format
Dolby®Digital 5.1 Channel out
dts® 5.1 Channel out
MPEG 1 2-chnnel
MPEG2 Multi-channel

PCM 2-channel
MP3 2-channel