5005 BookType setting is easy



I saw a post on here mentioning that they did not thing bitsetting on the 5005 would be possible until supported in the firmware. So I set out to do it on my own.

First off, the drive in my 5005 claims to be a DDW-401s on the sticker, but when plugged into my computer it is recognized as a DDW-411s.

The first thing I did was backup the firmware with the generic liteon firmware tool (available in the liteon forum) and I backed up the eeprom data as well (using the eeprom tool).

I then attempted to load the newest LDW-411s firmware to the drive. This was a mistake as the drive would cause the computer to hang, and in the 5005 unit it would not fuction correctly (specifically the drive tray would not edject).

So I threw the drive in a firewire enclosure (to bypass the hangup on windows load) and re-flashed the original firmware.

So far, I learned that there must be some kind of physical difference between the ddw and ldw series drives.

Anyways, my next step was to take the backup firmware and run it through omnipatcher (again available in the liteon forum).

Once loaded up I selected the auto bitsetting feature which will make the drive bitset by default, instead of only when selected by software. This of course would only work if the actual firmware supports bitsetting to begin with.

I reloaded the new modified firmware, reinstalled the drive in the 5005, and wrote an RW. When I read the disc back in my computer the booktype was set to -ROM.

So, to sum up.

Connect drive to PC.
Backup firmware.
Modify firmware with omnipatcher.
load modified firmware.
re-install drive.

P.S> I noticed that disks (especially dvd-r’s) burned with the 5005 give horrible pi/po results (like 1000-2000 pi / 200 po on a couple) but still work in most of my dvd players. Dvd+r’s arent nearly so bad, but still no where near as good as the results of the same disks in my 811s liteon, which is very similar hardware.


Sounds awesome, GREAT JOB!! :bow: Could this fix everybody’s problem with other DVD Players, DVD Burners & DVD Shrink reading the disc as a DVD-VR, now it reads as a DVD-ROM correct?!?! Does that finailize a +/- RW or not? Now if we could just fix the Jumping/Jitter problems!!!


One more thought… does that do anything to the VCD & SVCD features on the 5005 with the auto bitsetting? Have you tested yet?


I tested a +r and +rw, both have booktype set to dvd-rom.

The only difference I found in my home is that my old pioneer dvd player that would not recognize the +r’s properly before will now do so. My dvd players that do not like rw’s continue to not function with them.

In terms of SVCD / VCD, I do not believe CDs have a booktype setting, or at the very least I have never heard of there being any issue with one (or the easiest copy protection in the world would be for an executable to check booktype and reject all recorded cds). So in my opinion this will have zero effect on the SVCD / VCD functions.


I also see that you mention troubles with jumping / jitter. In the my past experience this has always been an incompatibility between the media and the player, or the quality of the burn. If you take one of those jumpy disks and run it through Kprobe (for liteon drives) or the Disc Quality Check on Nero CDSpeed it would reveal quality issues.


Many of us are getting jump/jitter even without a disc in the 5005!! Also happens no matter what connection we’re using ex: s-video, tuner or composite?? We’re beginning to beleive it’s possibly a heat issue??
Thanks, had1


I found when I checked a recently created disk that the DVD_VR you referred to is in fact the volume label. This has nothing to do with the booktype bitsetting and should not effect much of anything in terms of the discs ability to be read by varying machines or backed on the computer (as it is well within the specifications for a volume label).

In terms of the jittery picture, I have not personally experienced it but I would not necessarily jump to the conclusion that it is a heat issue. The best way to check might be to let the machine run until you experience the problems (with the top unsecured) then quickly remove it and check if any of the ic’s or processors are hot to the touch (not warm, but hot enough to burn) if you find one, drop a radio shack heatsink on it with some silicon grease and see if it helps. But I don’t believe you will find any overheating parts as there really isn’t much hardware in there that could generate heat sufficient to cause problems.

In any case, without personally experiencing the problem I can’t help much with the diagnosis.


I’ve done that, infact mine has a small heat sink on it already! It is hot to the touch! I can tell you its hotter than any of my computers!! In regards to the DVD-VR mode, that’s the problem everybody is having with DVDShrink, you get errors when trying to read and many DVD players & DVD-ROMs/Burners do also?


My disks (+r / -r, not +rw) seem to work in all of my dvd players. This includes two panasonics that are among the first dvd players sold in the US, two pioneers, a cyberhome, two apex’s, a ps2, an x-box, and a go video dvd / vhs combo.

In any case, bitsetting would have nothing to do with dvd-shrink’s ability to read the disk. About the only thing the booktype has to do with a pc dvd-rom drive is tell it whether or not to slow down when reading the disc (as most drives limit the read speed of writables to ensure reliability).

It could be that the dvdshrink software takes issue with the volume label. What exactly are you trying to do with the software (maybe use it to re-author and remove the ugly menu?).


hodr, is this hack possible without removing the drive and putting it in a pc? If you or anyone knows what has to be changed is it possible to use a hex editor on the firmware and then reflash the drive while it is still in the 5005?



Well technically it must be possible to change the lite-on provided firmware, but it would likely be difficult. First, you would have to be able to decompile the firmware from the proprietary format they use into the type that is native to the lite-on tools (specifically omnipatcher). Then you would have to modify it, and put it back into its original format. And I am not sure what kind of checking the liteon system does to determine if the file is geniune (checksum, crc32, etc) which may add another layer of difficulty (although if you have been able to modify the firmware with a hex editor and use the files then it may not have any kind of check, which seems dumb as you could then upload a bad file and kill your drive).

In any case, it seems to me that it would be easier to just remove the drive. It only takes a couple minutes and there isn’t even a void if removed sticker to contend with.


hodr, I opened up my 5005 (Sept 04), the drive has a sticker ddw-451s. The case, drive screws and cables were a snap. Now for the stupid questions: I have Ltnfw and omnipatcher are these all right to use? And the drive faceplate, how does it come off. It looks like the two little screws attach it to the tray.
With the success you had it looks like compatability trouble with players will go away with omnipatcher leaving the finalized dvd’s as dvd-rom.


I never took the front faceplate off, I actually only opened the machine up, unplugged the power / ide cable and plugged in a power / ide hanging out the side of my computer. Although if I had to guess about taking the faceplate off I would say to try by ejecting the tray and seeing if it either unscrews or pops off with lift tabs.

The computer should tell you what the drive recognizes as (mine said it was a 401, but recognized as a 411) and I would trust that more than the sticker as the liteon folks are knows for softmodding their own hardware. But it really should not matter as long as omnipatcher can recognize the dump you make (into .bin format) from the liteon firmware flashing program.

Remember to keep your original backed up. This process should be completely reversable so don’t be afraid that you will kill your drive (as even should you completely kill the eeprom, which is hard to do, there are methods of reprogramming it via hotswapping, or as a last resort even removing the eeprom and reprogramming it separately).

Good luck.


hodr, thanks for the info! I’m going to give it a shot! I’ll post my results here.


hodr, I didn’t get around to using omnipatch for the bitsetting yet. I was wondering when does the setting to -rom kicks in? Does it still allow multisession burns to dvd +/- ?


I am not sure when it would set the bit in a multisessioned disk. On a re-writable I know you can change the bit at any time, but only once on a dvd+r so that would lead me to believe it is done when the disk is finalized (when it writes the leadin / leadout ).


hodr, Thanks ! I’m glad it does the bitsetting on finalizing. If I got this right this should allow us to create multi session dvd’s on the 5005 using dvd +/- r and have it finalized as a dvd-rom.


Very interesting. I have just ordered a LVW-5001. I guess an older 411s is used in this model. Is there a “warranty void if seal is broken” sticker on the case?


Not on my 5005, and I’d guess not on the 5001- If it’s not have a ball !!!


I tried this technique on my 5005A recorder. My recorder contains a newer drive, model DDW-813S. It didn’t work. I also tried to use the Liteon Booktype utility, but the drive wasn’t supported. When viewing the firmware info with Omnipatcher, it says the drive type is SOHW-1633S. So, I loaded the lastest SOHW-1633S firmware onto the drive, and then tried to use the Liteon Booktype utility. The drive was now supported, and I able to change the booktype to DVD-ROM. This change is made in the EEPROM. I then reloaded the orignal firmware, and tried to record a DVD+R. It still recorded as DVD+R. Any suggestions?


I never got around to playing with the booktype on my 5005 with omnipatcher. I don’t use it on my PC based drives for booksetting either. If I burn with nero or whatever I just run Krobpe in the background for setting the booktype to dvd-rom on +r/rw