5005--5045 contrast on old TV

I own an old Panasonic and Mongomery ward TV and neither have digital controls to control the picture–like hue,contrast, ect all are done by pots that are analog. Both Tv’s are under 10 years old. The contrast of the 5005 is bad–the snow on the picture is like I turning the contrast way down on the TV itself but I haven’t. Does or has anyone tried the 5005 or 5045 on older TV. Because out of the unit’s I’ve returned–all of them have way to much snow. It is now even worse since the lastest upgrade.

Color level was turned down as well.

@hexmechanic _ I have a 8 year old RCA that has digital contro;s and am hooked up from my cable box to the back a/v inputs of the 5005 and from my VCR to the front a/v inputs. I have never had a snow problem. In my opinion my 5005 since the last upgrade, the picture has gotten brighter and I would say the cabbage patch is gone or not noticeable to my eyes anyway.

I have my cable box also hooked up to the rf input of the TV also. Granted if I switch from the a/v inputs of the TV to the rf inputs while I am recording there is a drop in brightness but in no way is the picture bad.