5002 PDC glitch



Anybody noticed on the 5002 when setting a timer program via PDC then switching off,you lose the scart throughput?..Also,the idea of PDC is to start a program at the exact time the program starts,even if it starts late.Thats fine,but it doesn’t switch off until the next program starts!.So your running 5 minutes late,recording adverts while all the time your missing the program you’ve set it for on the other channel.UK soap watchers will know how these programs sometimes overlap anyway…PDC should start and end at the exact time the program does…Videoplus is useful but PDC is useless when recording concurrent programs on opposite channels. :frowning:


robbie-uk - can’t help ya…I’m in the US , no PDC scart etc. - Maybe HelloShaun can help.


It’s not just you, loosing the scart throughput it an annoyance but thats all.

There are 2 issues with PDC:

The first is evident, as you rightly say when you have concurrent recordings, the recorder has to have time to close the first recording, then close it self down to be ready for the next event, then fire itself back up and prepare for the next one. With a Broadcaster that is ad free - BBC you often have very little time between programs, seconds only sometimes and any recorder would struggle to react that quick.

The Second is the reason I stopped using PDC years ago, quite simply it is a brilliant idea but absolutely useless when the broadcasters 1) do not all support it and 2) their reliability in ensuring changes are made to the signal is poor. I even gave up on using Videoplus as TV guides couldn’t print the numbers correctly.

I have used VPS & PDC a few times on the liteon and its behaviour is little different to that of my Panasonic VCR.

I now only use Videoplus to get the times entered quickly then adjust manually as I see fit and I don’t bother with PDC.

Liteon do refer to this issue in the manual:

  1. Since the DVD recorder requires a certain lead time for getting the disc up to speed and positioning the laser before recording can start, it is possible that the recorder will miis the first few seconds of a show recorded with VPS/PDC.
    In this case, disable VPS/PDC and enter a start time one minute earlier.


HELLOSHAUN,Thanks for your comments.Nice to know it’s not just my set up.I found it strange that PDC doesn’t switch it off when the program ends but continues to record the ads (5/6 minutes) up until the next program starts.It’s not a great loss i suppose…Losing the scart throughput only happens to me when using the PDC function so i can put up with that.