5002 is it an OK recorder?

At last the time is ripe for me to buy a DVDR machine. Can anyone give the 5002 any kind of write-up as reviews are hard to find ?
One question : Is there a cooling fan in the unit or is it likely to run hot ?

Machine does have a cooling fan. Only uses DVD+Rs and will not record to CDs. Has 3 hour recording mode (can be hacked see other threads) to remove macrovision.

I have one and have not experienced the dreaded jitters. The green tinge problem much improved since last firmware update.

One minor issue with Liteons is that it uses DVD+VR format for recording which differs slightly from DVD-Video format. Sometimes disks from Liton will not play on all other DVD players (most but not all are ok). I usually record on +RWs and use PC to backup to +Rs (in this case, the +Rs are then in DVD+Video format).

Reliability is a bit suspect on Liteons (I had one fail - a 5001 and had the 5002 as a replacement). However, as they are only around £120 - not a major cost given you can hack the machine

Overall, not a bad PC for price, but like all DVD recorders, you need to find good media that works with them (my best experience is Verbatim 2.4x DVD+RWs.

Thanks for your helpful comments, Oilman. Think I shall take a chance and get one. Can’t really lose at the price they are at now. Does the region change hack enable you to record a specific region DVD (as well as play) ?

From what I have seen in this forum and others, the 5002 is a variant of the 5001, so in most cases it will perform like a 5001. I think the only real difference is the factory enabled 3 hour mode. So if you like what you read about the 5001 you will like the 5002.

The region free hack enables you to read from any region. As far as I know, all recordings are region free in any case. You do not need to use a hacked firmware to set the machine region free (use the exit 2960 remote method - see other posts).

You will only need to hack the firmware if you want to copy macrovision protected video tapes to DVD.

The two other main differences of the 5001 and 5002 (apart from the 3 hour mode) are

  1. it records audio in dolby digital format rather than mpeg2 format
  2. it uses videoplus codes for recording.

I never use the analogue 5002 tv tuner as it is only mono (hence the videoplus is effectively useless).

I prefer to record from a digital source (e.g. freeview via scart) as you get a better recording (usually with true widescreen), and in addition it is in stereo (you can also record stereo from an analogue VCR (say) as well if recorded via SCART).

And if you don’t want to mess with hacking the firmware the liteon can be MV beaten by tricking it.

Or using a certain type of Scart lead.


That was certainly true for older versions of firmware - you could record via the TV tuner (mono only) by starting to record a DVD and then pressing play on the VCR. The DVD has to be tuned to the RF out signal of the VCR.

As far as I am aware this facility got removed from firmware x091 onwards. Admittedly - I haven’t tried it recently as no need as I hacked the machine to remove MV.

Your comment re. a certain type SCART lead is interesting - can you elaborate? Certainly the above MV trick never normally worked via SCART (presumably as most people use standard leads).

Hi Oilman

There are certain leads on the market that do this, one is made by Sonel.

This site has some others:

www.multi-region.co.uk .

They state:

Now available, these clever SCART leads remove both Macrovision & CGMS from your DVD player’s video output. The leads are fully wired, compatible with RGB, S-Video, and composite signals, with gold plated contacts. For most applications, no power supply is required. Feedback from owners of these new leads suggests that they are an ideal connection for those wishing to make legal ‘backup’ copies of their DVDs using a DVD recorder.

Of interest they do say that you might also need to supply additional power to a pin as on some machines, like the Liteon, do not output enough. This may also resolve another issue as it has been found that the low power output on pin 8 causes the automatic widescreen switching to not work on some TV’s connected to the Liteon units.