5001 replacement drive questions

My drive on the 5001 died, not reading,disc error etc. I have two options one is to buy the 1693 s from Newegg for $39.00 + 4.00 s/h. Or buy a slightly used LG 4163 b from a friend for $25. Which would you guy’s/gals recommend? What about the dual layer function of both drives? That wouldn’t be usable on the 5001 correct? And finally, what about my 3hr, MV hacks. Do I do them over again? Is it the drive that gets hacked or the motherboard chip? I plan on adding the fan and heatsinks also. Any help/info would be appreciated
PS: I have a 4163b in my PC and it functions flawlessly, for me.

Hack is to the mainboard and on a 5001 All Write and DL is not supported hacks will work as they had, heatsinks could help, I have no idea re 4163b but if it fits it should work ok but may need to modify instructions to install

Thanks a million for the reply. I’ll go with the 1693 since it is a Liteon. Having a new one will ease my mind compared to a used one. I may have to hack it too much for the LG and might not be able to go back to the 1693 if need be.

What did you mean by All Write not supported? Am I limited to only DVD+R discs? Sorry for my confusion. If I put in the 1693 will I be able to use DVD+RW’s and DVD-RAM, I thought I read in the posts that that is the case. But I have been reading through them for the past few days and may have got myself confused, not a hard task for me…

As far as I know if you replace the 5001s drive with a 1693s mainboard will not support DL, DVD-R(RW) All Write or DVD-RAM. To get All Write you need a 5005/5006. What you will get is a better burner that will read and write more discs and your hacks
You can use DVD+R(RW) only with the new drive in place. It has to to with the mainboard and it’s chips not just the DVD drive and the firmware. You may want to look into a new 5005 for around $125
Both the 5001 and 5005 will play DL discs but will not record them no matter what drive you put in

Thanks for clearing that up. I only plan on using DVD+R’s and DVD+RW’s. So I should be good to go. That is all I used before. I have my PC Burner, the LG 4163b, that I do all the rest with. Would have been nice to use the ram feature though. I know $125 isn’t much money, but I am a disabled Vet on a fixed income, so to be able to get more life out of the present 5001 rather cheaply is a BIG plus for me. Thanks CCRomeo for walking me through this, much appreciated!

I know of no LiteOn burner at burns DVD-RAM.
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All Write is nice to have but a hacked and good working 5001 would do 99% of what I use my 5005 for. Good DVD-R media at one time cost less then DVD+Rs but not the case now, never used DVD-RAM so no opinion on it. If your 5001 does not have a fan or heatsinks add them.
no harm in trying your LG drive with your 5001 just plug it in it may just fit fine into the case - sort of a trial run with no hardware hacking done.

Best of luck CCR

Geeze talk about the sky falling, my daughter has the same unit, we bought them together. Her problem is not being able to record. I told her last night what I planned on doing to mine. She says it plays fine, pre-recorded discs and factory ones. But no recording using the remote, the unit or the easy guider. I told her I would ask here, but I do not think that is drive related. At least through my searches here I have not seen it mentioned. I’ll try and do more searched here and see if I come up with anything.
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@jims47 - it could be drive or media related, what media is she using ?

Sorry for the late reply, was away. No matter what media. TDK, Verbatium, and Sony. I tried those three as they always worked before. The TDK and Verbatium where +r’s and +RW’s the Sony was +R. I was going to order her a 1693 also but I never saw that problem mentioned. It plays media fine, ones that she has recorded, some back up’s I did on a LG 4163b. And Store bought DVD’s. Just won’t record, either using the remote or machine. Forhot to mention Maxells also,+r’s. I use Maell and Verbatium both DL and regular, Inever had a problem with them, they even play on a cheap Daewoo machine(stand alone) she has.

I think I’ll go ahead and order another drive(1693s) as it is a cheap insurance to have. I did not want to build her hopes up that it would fix her problem. I thought it may have been a chip or something like that on the mainboard. Using the search function I was unable to locate her problem in any posts.

I reread your original post, does it go into record mode and fail or never get into record mode?

Never gets to record mode. When you push the record button, nothing happens. It seems like it wants to, the red light will go on for about a sec. and then it goes out. Doesn’t ruin the disc. My Grandkids are over for the weekend, that is why I haven’t been answering right away. IF I find out what it is(drive hopefully) I will post a response letting people know if the fix worked or not. I absolutly hate following a post when someone hollors help! Then after they get all kind of suggestions they never respond to if they worked or not. Kinda leaves those following the post in limbo as they may be having the same problem/s and knowing if any of the suggestions worked or not would stop the need for a duplicate post/question. Plus it would just be nice to say -thank you for your help…

Gentlemen, I am new to the forum and posted my first last night, sorry if this is incorrect “etiquette” but I just went through the same process as jims47 (I am a vet of ther Falklands war). I upgraded the drive on a 5001. All is well except purchased DVD videos do not play, I have firmware 1180 loaded fron the Lite-on site, no hacks yet. I can play everything I have burned on my PC drive (sony) but not region 1 commercial dvd-video. I even went to blockbuster and rented one to test, same result. Any ideas?

Thank you!

I haven’t tried this yet - but I think this might be relevant to your problem:

This quote comes from the “Drive change ?” thread on the LVW-5005. Do a search on “1693s 5005” and you should find that thread. I am still waiting for my 1693s to arrive to try it myself - but the procedure seems to be to install it on your computer first and then run the LtnRPC utility on the drive to set it as region free (even if you use the “remote code” on your 5005) before you install it. Hope this helps. Please post back as I will be treading this path soon.


Thanks, I think I understand. There is no software required to do this, just installing in the PC and using the drive recognition process or windows. In windows if you go to the drive’s properties screen, there is a “DVD Region” tab. Entering there allows the change of region 4 times, but I do not see any option to make “region free”. What am I missing?

Thank you…

You need the Liteon drive utility LtnRPC which can be found at


This should allow you to make it region-free. Make sure to read all the instructions.

Q: How do I make my drive region-free (RPC-1)?
A: There are two tools that can perform the region-freeing task. The first is LtnRPC. Alternatively, you can use KProbe2, which has a built-in tool for region-freedom that works just like LtnRPC. Please note that removing a drive’s region protection is only the first step in making your system region-free (more info). For more information about DVD regions, RPC-1, and RPC-2, please read this guide.

Thank you! I am all set now…will try it in the next day or so and let you know…


Ok, I dowloaded the software LtnRPC, works fine. I installed the drive in my PC, recognized fine on windows xp. The drive was not set to anything, no region at all, that is why I couldn’t play any DVD videos. So when you receive yours, installing in the PC is first step to solve this. I ran LtnRPC, very simple to use. I disabled the regions and tried in the 5001. The video hangs and ultimately stops on one scene, while the audio moves long great. What could be missing, since most posts here say it works fine?