5001 experiments (happy ending)



Hi All,

I want you to know my experiences and my recent “Big update” done in my old 5001 and I hope this can help someone.
I purchased my standalone dvd-recorder in march 2004 because I liked very much the quality of the MPEG encoder of this unit.
In the begining I had some minor problems, but were fixed just upgrading firm and using good media and all was right. Sadly, few weeks ago a lot o problems appeared, suddenly the liteon was unable to read any CD, including original purchased CD (silver industrial stamped). Also the DVD+R good media (Verbatim for example) were impossible to read/write, only DVD+RW were accepted by my lite-on. Then I upgraded firm, both firms (DVDR unit and Player), I cleaned the lens, but no success, same situation.
I read in the forum experiences from other people, changing unit for another dvdr liteon branded, cooling the system etc, well, I thought that maybe another dvdr could work, because I could see there was an regular “IDE” connectors. First I tested the LG 4163B, and what a surprise, WORKED WELL!!! I removed the front of the LG DVDR and installed it inside the liteon. I also installed a 5 cm case fan in the rear (I had to make a hole with a drill) and DRAM memory coolers were installed in the CPU, RAM (or ROM) and in the CHRONTEL tv signal decoder (the most heated ones inside my 5001).
Now I have a SUPER 5001, rock solid stability, no hangs, no dvdr/rw or cd problems, only to remark that due the high speed of the LG unit when you are using 2,4x DVD+RW media, the erase operation hangs at 92-94% but then the DVD+RW works perfectly. If you are using certified 4x DVD+RW no problem the operation will reach 100% of the erase operation. Despite the new unit is able to read any DVD format (RAM, +R, +RW, Double Layer, -R, -RW) none were recognised (failed or no disc message for anything but +R or +RW).

Only a last remark, I tested also an HD, formatted in FAT, FAT32 and NTFS but the liteon didn’t recognise the unit.

And that’s all, sorry for the extension of this post, I don’t want to bore you too much.




nice, so what should you be looking for as a replacement drive for these units when the old one packs in?


@Mirloblan - thanks for the info!

@smerko - see the drive change ? topic for other drives that haved worked