500 pack DVD-R's for $2.49!

I’m sure this is a typo and they will correct it, but i ordered them anyway…$7 shipping, what the heck there crummy KMA media. :iagree:


There are clear errors in the product description and the shipping is not $7 but is $7 plus 50 cents per pound.

please move to media forum.

Well it was $7 shipping for me buddy…haha

That’s a pretty good clue the box weighs nothing. Good luck.

WhatTheH*ll, I ordered one myself. $7.14 shipping & handling in my case.

nice, nice! but in my case s&h are about $39, what’s also very low, but I don’t have an American VISA-card!

now he corrected the failure: “This item is not stocked or has been discontinued.”

Um its a misprint they mean 50. good luck getting one non coaster with this media.

I guess we’ll see Henry, i’m from the east coast so my shipping’s higher, i’m sure we’ll get a e-mail saying of the mistake or they are gunna send us a 5 pack…not 500…lol
I’d be pissed to spend $9 on 5 poor quality dvd-r’s
Here’s a review i just read…lol!!!

“The film off this cd melted over my optical eye, thanks screwed up my 300$ dvd burner.”

Yes and it is a private seller too. Amazon just hosts it. Also I do believe the price is supposed to be 24.99 seems there are alot of mistakes on this page.

Media is one thing I would never purchase from a private seller. Partially because most sellers don’t know crap about what they are saying. I have seem some idiots label Princo discs as Ritek. :eek:

It’s susposed to come from Tiger Direct which doesnt have a stellar rating…even 50 for $24.99 would be wayyy tooo much for this crap!!

Our records indicate you recently ordered item # G70-22729 via Amazon.
This item is a 12 pack of Blue Exponent Dividers for Casseta-2000. It
is NOT a 500 Pack of 4x DVD-R media.

Unfortunately, the website displayed an incorrect description for this
product. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and have taken
the following corrective action:

  1. Your order for item # G70-22729 has been cancelled.
  2. Your order will be credited back to your credit card or other
    payment type for a full refund.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience in this matter and are working
feverishly to ensure your refund is credited back to you as soon as