500 gig Seagate SATA-300 on sale at CompUSA for $179.99 after Instant Savings


Wanted to share.

I’m so tempted to get one, but I just blew a lot on a Mac, so may not be able to. :frowning:

But want others to be able to if they are able.

Best of luck.

its a WD not seagate

I’m sorry - brain fade. That SATA in blue on the side got me all freaked out.

Thankfully, it’s still a good brand.

Nice catch.

Maybe a MOD would be so kind as to fix the title and the first post?


yes its an excellent brand and price
probably can PM to BB and get sweeter deal + RZ points

and some say is quieter than the SG

I have 2 250 gb WDs and they are whisper quiet

maybe you can ask mod to change heading to WD

I have Five 120 gig Western Digital SE IDE drives in my rig right now. Has an extra IDE channel via a Promise chip on the MB. I like WD and Seagate. :slight_smile:

I just went down and bought one. I could not resist. I’m a bad boy.

Have fun. :wink:

Thanks. I need it for all the massive audio and video editing/conversion I’m doing. I’m gonna make it one huge NTFS partition and call it good. :slight_smile: