500 gig SATA Maxtor $109.99 Free Shipping at Frys.com





Not to long ago this capacity of drive was $300 and considered a good price.


Damn , I got my WD 500 GB SATA II 16MB for 180 $ one month ago :a
If I knew about it, I would have got that :doh:


Just to make you feel better, I’d never use Maxtor instead of WD drive…


I would rather spend the extra 80 bucks and get the 16mbs of cache that you got, plus its SATAII.:clap:


Huh??? The Maxtor drive at Frys is SATA II (it clearly states SATA/300), and it has 16 megs of cache (once again, clearly stated). So what are you talking about?


It’s went up to $119.99. :frowning:


It’s just the luck of the draw.


My error I thought it had 8mbs of cache when I read the link. :o


very nice deal, now I only buy 3 things from frys: CPU/Board combo, and HDD
Haven’t seen any eRetailers have nice deal on processors like Frys B/M, of course I am not using the ECS board that comes with the combo deal, but buying the processor alone elsewhere costs more than Frys combo
This drive is very fast, just that, it is gonna take forever to format it. But if it comes with a CD, then formatting time reduces in half.

No more HDDs for me for a while till my raid config fails, so far so good since I am only running it as booting drive.


Without a doubt, no retailer on line or in store can beat Fry’s price for these three items you bought (CPU/MB Combo & H/D) when they go on sale at Fry’s.


Are you sure? It still says $109.00[/B]

MXT 7H500F0 500GB SATA.
FRYS.com #: 5080555

* Serial ATA/300
* 7200RPM
* 16MB Buffer
* 8.5ms Seek Time 

In stock, same day shipping
Detailed Description | Tell a friend| Warranty Info

Price: $ 109.99

[B]If you search manually there is the one for $119.99 which is probably a different model number seen here: http://shop3.outpost.com/product/4551377#detailed[/B]

FRYS.com #: 4551377

* 7200RPM
* 16MB Buffer
* Serial ATA/300 

In stock, same day shipping
Detailed Description | Tell a friend| Warranty Info

Price: $ 119.99

[B]The big difference is the $109.00 is the OEM version and the $119.99 version is the RETAIL box version. If you do a Google search you will find that Newegg is selling the same thing for more and it’s this model: Maxtor MaXLine Pro 500 7H500F0 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM. Been playing the waiting game for hard drives but I think I’ll pass again until the prices of the 750GB’s drop or till we hit 1TB :stuck_out_tongue: 500GB is not enough for me but 750GB is good[/B]


well Hitachi introduced 1tb hdd already. Soon you will hear from seagate. Anyway, I will never touch those big hdd since I hate to wait for the drive to finish formatting, I am aiming for the raptor, 74gb is good enough since I am only doing raid for booting anyway, so no need to get 150gb version, oh boy, wish they have SATAII raptor


Not just formating what about times it takes to be defragmented.


it shouldn’t be too bad once you partition it into different extended ones. It would be crazy using the entire capacity under one letter.


Darn it, the drive is $139.99 + shipping now :sad:


Amen :iagree:


Love Frys/ they rock! Just ordered 2 GB of memory from newegg.com for $89 shipped. 667/DDR2


Nice deal! Seagate 500 for $119.