500 disks <$32 SHIPPED!



A HUGE thanks to studmonkey76 for pointing me to this deal in another thread. I decided to make one specificly for this deal, but credit definately goes to studmonkey for this.

The deal is, HP 52X 50 piece spindles, $9.97 each, buy one get one free. Then, there’s a promotional code for $20 off any order of $50 or more.

What most people have done is order 5, and at checkout gotten the 5 free for a total of 500 disks, then added a box of paperclips or something else real cheap to get their total above $50.

I opted to just order 6 50 packs, and got 6 free for a total of 600 disks. Now, the company, (Viking Office Products), has locations in several states. (5 I think.) Since there is a location in NY, I ended up having to pay 8 1/4% state and local sales tax as well. My total for 600 disks, shipped, was $44.71.

From what I understand, these are CMC Magnetics disks, which, 6 months ago I wouldn’t have recomended to ANYONE, but it seems they’ve really taken a turn for the better of late in the DVD R department, adn hopefully in the CD-R department as well. (I’ll be using them as working copies while using TY media EXCLUSIVELY for my archival copies.) I’ll post the actual media code when I get them for those that may be interested.

Here’s the link:

Order your 50 packs there, then add whatever you like to bring your total above $50 if you only order 5.

Use promotional code DZ4PRD20 to get your $20 off.

I thought the deal was dead because the CSR’s I talked to told me it was, but that wasn’t actualy the case. (I had the wrong link and product number initialy.) I JUST ordered these disks a few hours ago, so can vouch for the authinticity. Here is the link to the original thread where I was turned on to the deal.




Glad you were able to get on this deal…Some areas may be out of stock but I called today and they said should be back in stock with in 2 weeks. Sale runs through sometime in june. Hope everyone who needs cdrs gets in on this deal.


Now I need a TRUCKLOAD of CD Stomper labels! lol

I can’t thank you enough for turning me on to this EXCELENT deal man. :bow:

When I told the CSR I wanted 6, he said, “You’re gonna be up to your EARS in CD’S!” I said, “Yeah, I’m building a fort.” lolololol



:confused: I should have titled this “500 52X CD-R <$32 SHIPPED!” Is there a way a mod can re-title this?



Thanks for the tip. My order is over $50 but they still ignore my coupon. Any tips for getting them to work?


If your ordering online, I guess the coupon doesn’t get deducted untill the very last moment. My suggestion chas, is to just place the order using the 1-800 number. That’s what I did. If asked where you saw the sale, it’s on their website, tell 'em one of your kids or your wife or whatever must have bookmarked it. Some CSRs ask, others don’t. I know for a fact that this deal works, but keep in mind, I didn’t get it to work untill the third time I called. (Think I was using the wrong product number.) Have the page with the buy one get one deal at the top up on screen and use THAT product number. (I think there’s a different one that is the same disks, but without the BOGO free deal.) I’m sure you’ll get it to work.



Yo JD-

That is one hella load of discs there Bra-

Sincerely hope that you have a big enough use for them all - or are able to give them to your geek friends as birthday or Christmas presents…



I’ll use 'em, trust me. :slight_smile:



Thanks, their 800 person was great. No problem with the order there.


Woo hoo! Thank the studmonkster too. That’s where the credit truely belongs. I was VERY impressed with the people handleing their 800 lines. Very nice.



Well, I didn’t order any disk as I already have enough for my needs, but a month or so ago I bought a 50pk 52X spindle of HP disk from a local store. The spindles were either made in Taiwan or China. I took a spindle that was made in China (I figured the Taiwan disk were CMC, but I wanted to see what the China disk were. :slight_smile: ) and the attachments are info from a Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80 data disk I made. I burned the disk with my BTC 1016 (FW A07R) DVD±RW drive. The scan was done with Kprobe 2.2.3 and my trusty Liteon 32123S (FW XS0Z).

Disk info

Creation of disk with Nero CD-DVD Speed

C1/C2 Scan with Kprobe. Not the best scans I’ve ever seen, but for everyday usage, this isn’t that bad. I’ll continue to do archival stuff with TY’s.


Thanks for taking the time to post that info! I’m sure I’m not the only one that will appriciate having that here.



I tried to order these cds but I could not find the correct catalog ID # for the buy one get one free on the 50 packs. I talked to somebody at there 800 # and without the item
number that specifies buy one get one free I could not get that price. Does anybody have this item or part # to post.
Thanks Budzos


A04-V962896 It’s right on the page first linked in my first post in this thread. Let us know how you make out! :slight_smile:



After going back and forth on the 800 number a very polite CSR was able to apply the 20 dollar off coupon. She was still having problems getting the buy one get one free but she called me back and stated that I would be receiving 2 orders, the first one would cost me $43.61 for 6 fifty pack spindles, the second order would cost me nothing and would consist of the 6 free 50 pack spindles I think I made out ok on this deal but it took quite a while back and forth on the phone to get things right. I will feel better when I have all 12 fifty packs in my hands and verified everything on my credit
card statement


updated link.

original link ended may 14th. this one ends june 25th. enjoy


also the coupon now is suppose to only be a web only special. i called today and spoke to a csr and they said they should be back in stock between may 22 and 25th. you can place your order as a back order and recieve them when they come in stock. i bet some people pick these up and ebay them…LOL… i have already 20 packs, but then again i go through almost a 50 pack a month.


Now this special goes through July 23rd. Dont know how long the 20 dollar off coupon will last though. Here is the updated link as of May 18th.

Now currently in stock probally nationwide. Keep them orders going. Maybe we will buy them all out…LOL.


Just got 1/2 the order in, (300) and the tests I have run thusly are pretty well identical to what rua_rednecks posted above, so I really see no sence in posting mine. (Thanks again for posting rua_rednecks.) Same dye strat and everything. Most likely exactly the same media in the “Verbatim’s for $6 AR” thread.



Thank you for helping to keep us all updated on this deal studmonkey76. I for one, appriciate it a great deal.