50 Years Of James Bond

Well with 50 Years of Bond, what your opinion on the best theme song.

30 sec clips : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0b4HO41DhQ

00:00 Dr. No - JOHN BARRY ORCH.
00:30 From Russia With Love - JOHN BARRY ORCH.
01:00 Goldfinger - SHIRLEY BASSEY
01:30 Thunderball - TOM JONES
02:00 You Only Live Twice - NANCY SINATRA
02:30 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - JOHN BARRY ORCH.
03:00 Diamonds Are Forever - SHIRLEY BASSEY
03:30 Live And Let Die - PAUL MCCARTNEY
04:00 The Man With The Golden Gun - LULU
04:30 The Spy Who Loved Me - CARLEY SIMON
05:00 Moonraker - SHIRLEY BASSEY
05:30 For Your Eyes Only - SHEENA EASTON
06:00 Never Say Never Again (Unofficial) - LANI HALL
07:00 A View To A Kill - DURAN DURAN
07:30 The Living Daylights - A-HA
08:00 License To Kill - GLADYS KNIGHT
08:30 Goldeneye - TINA TURNER
09:00 Tomorrow Never Dies - SHERYL CROW
09:30 The World Is Not Enough - GARBAGE
10:00 Die Another Day - MADONNA
10:30 Casino Royale - CHRIS CORNELL
11:00 Quantum Of Solace - ALICIA KEYS & JACK WHITE
11:30 Skyfall - ADELE


[B]Goldfinger[/B] for me.

Not 100% sure. Cannot decide between Goldfinger and Goldeneye.

I wonder if we should make this a poll

Poll added. Allowing multiple options for those who cannot really decide between multiple titles (like me)

BTW: Worst Bond song in my opinion is “Die another day” from Madonna.

Gooooolldfinger … bwapaaaaaaapaaaaaaaa!!!

Who can beat that :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Liggy;2665842]BTW: Worst Bond song in my opinion is “Die another day” from Madonna.[/QUOTE] Actually, that is one of the best Bond songs according to my tastes. :wink:

I’ll have to re-listen to the songs before I can make up my mind about which one(s) to pick…

I am myself surprised that I like this one the most: Sheryl Crow - Tomorrow Never Dies

Ooooh I had a dilemma there!

Cary Simon or Paul McCartney? :eek:

In the end I voted for both. :slight_smile:

Carly Simon probably edges it though. :wink:


It’s a very difficult choice.

I cannot decide between [B]Nobody Does It Better[/B] (The Spy Who Loved Me) with Carly Simon and [B]Die Another Day[/B] with Madonna.

Catch me on another day and I might even reply differently.

I don’t care much for the two first songs for the Daniel Craig movies, but with Skyfall/Adele they’re back on form.

Thank you for changing it into a poll. :slight_smile:

I find it real hard to choose, maybe top 4

Goldeneye - TINA TURNER
Casino Royale - You Know My Name - CHRIS CORNELL
The Living Daylights - A-HA

I guess the only song that I would somewhat dislike would be Never Say Never Again (Unofficial) - LANI HALL


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2665993]but with Skyfall/Adele they’re back on form.[/QUOTE]
That song is OK, but I think Adele can do better. I’m missing a little “power” in the way she sings this title, like we had it in “man with the golden gun” for example.

Personally I think 10,000 movies are enough. But I’m sure yet another one will be released in 2-3 years. Heaven know why.

That’s just me, though.:cool:

Four Way tie for me:

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Live And Let Die
A View To A Kill
The Living Daylights