50 quid, want to buy a burner. advice please

ok, have £50 or so.

i want to buy a burner.

i would like to be able to backup my film dvds, but not essential.

i have read that i need a “2sheep” burner to prevent me from waiting 4 hours for an alcohol or clone image to backup my current dvd/cd 's.

this maybe old info though.

i am not interested in mega-tecchie “this burner outperforms this one by .25% every third month when theres an armadillo in your garden” type stuff, although i know like other things, everyone has an opinion.

can you point me in the right direction please?


LOL @ the armadillo thing :bigsmile:

My two LG drives cost me £35 each from PC World. They’re excellent burners, you could try your local one…

The Pioneer I have is excellent also, but the Pioneer 111 is out now - not sure how much it’d cost you, though.

Whats a quid :confused:

A quid = £1 :wink:

So, the OP has £50 to spend on a nice new burner.

  1. Benq 1650
  2. Nec 3550 (I have 3540)

Word of advice never touch dives by sony.

Or BenQ DW1655 if you like to have LightScribe option.
BTW, latest Lite-On’s are also a good option.

£28 for a 1650, thats cheap.
He*l, with 50 quid in hand you can even afford two cases of beer… :smiley:

quid = british version of your american dooolar.

2 cases of beer for 22 quid? not round here matey! i wish! :sad:

luckily, i have another 50 quid, and thats reserved for exclusively for beer… :iagree:

im not worried about lightscribe thing. a pen works just fine.

1)so this 2 sheep thing…are all the drives so far suggested 2sheep?

2)is 2sheep replaced by 3sheep or some other facility?

3)should i be worried about the number of sheep?!

cheers for your help so far…

Read the review on this forum about the Liteon 1635S.

It’s a very good reader, burner etc and look at the SVP website for the Philips SPD2400. It’s actually this Liteon & cross flashing is easy-peasy. Also there’s an active thread here testing new firmware and overall it’s a very impressive burner , especially for £20.

Here’s the relevant page at SVP.

yes, these reviews go into the “outperforms on pie but prefer the pif to the cotangent to the square of the armadillo” range im afraid. :confused:
too much and way too detailed. im not saying they are a bad thing, but really for me its way too much info…

if i wanted to buy a car engine, i wouldnt want to know the name of the guy who made the bolt that holds the exhaust manifold on…just give me the bhp and i’m happy.

like i said, i dont really care if i have to wait 8 minutes instead of 7 for a disc to burn. if it was 40 minutes, then it would be a problem.

as you can tell, i know very little about dvd burning.

i do know that the last time i tried to back up a game of mine, it took hours and hours. having done research, i now know to ask for 2sheep burners. but the people who sell these things dont know what that is…hence the questions to you guys who know more than God about dvd burners… :bow:

thanks for your help so far


BenQ 1650, Philips equivalent DVDR1660 (and BenQ 1640) are two sheep burners.


If you are truly worried about sheep burning then the latest LG is really your best main choice. As even though it is a 2sheep like both the drives i suggested are, it does has better backing up ability of Safedisk than both the Benq and NEC.

But in your OP you mentioned you wished to do DVD film backups with your drive. If this is the case then the Benq is your best bet. Which is also a 2sheep but from what i have read has a slightly tougher time with backing up Safedisk 2.9 than the LG.

Some drives are better at some things than others. You just need to prioritise what is important for you and go for that.

So your main choice is either the LG if mainly PC game backups is important to you (as this is the 2sheep you refer to is mainly for) as this drive has slightly better abilities for this purpose. Or the Benq 1650 as this is an excellent ripper (of the original movie disks you want to backup), burn quality scanner and burner. <- Arguably the best IMO.

Edit, also just to confirm things, 3sheep so far does not exist on a burner. It is so far only theorectical. 2sheep is currently the best you can get. But if this is not the case then please someone could give me the name of the drive that is actually a 3sheep?.

Hope this sorts it for you.

thats great. i shall buy one then!

thanks again guys (and girls)


Plextor PX-716A, if you can get your hands on one.