50 pk fujifilm 8x dvd+/-r at BestBuy for $15.99

i was just wondering as well…are these TYs? thanks in advance. oh ya, this is bestbuy in Canada

Are they Made in Japan, my guess would be if they are Made in Japan they would be Tys, if they are made in Taiwan " Who Knows"

wow, thanks for the quick reply. ya, i forgot to mention that they’re made in Taiwan?..is it still a good deal? (i.e. are these TYs?) :bigsmile:

I saw the Fuji 50 packs last week at Best Buy and checked a few packs out.
Some of the +R’s were MIJ and others were MIT.

Why is Best Buy charging $1 more than usual? Is there a 10% off coupon floating around the web like there was in December?

are the MIJ and MIT considered as bad quality? thanks in advance

The last Fuji Taiyo Yudens I bought at Best Buy had dye spotting and I would not buy them again.

the last Fuji TYs u got had dye spotting…so u’re saying they were made in Japan?..does this also imply that the ones made in Taiwan will be of lesser quality? Thanks…btw, i think i can get Futureshop to do a 110% price match :bigsmile:

the ones made in taiwan will always be worse quality because they are NOT TY.

he’s saying he had bad luck with his last batch of MIJ (TY) Fujis.

The last MIJ Fuji’s I had were excellent (as expected), but I haven’t been able to find any MIJ in ages…

I lost my train of thought looking at your avatar. I do not know about the Taiwan ones, I never bought them, how do you know Futureshop (I think Futureshop is owned by BestBuy) will send you MIJs?

i imagine, it’s in canadian dollars.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try The Fuji Dvd- R . After Burning several they seem to be okay quality score is 90 to 93. These are made in TAWAIN 8x 50 pack spindle. Burned with Toshiba SD r5372v My two liteon drives really do not like - R , the new liteon drive 160p6s will not even recognize these disk and the old one 812s will burn them but during playback on home dvd player They skip and have splotches in the movie, but the toshiba burner has no problem burning them for the home dvd player.

I seem to get better scans with the Sony +R MIJ TY’s than with the Fuji TY’s, but for some reason the Fuji’s seem to feel like their somewhat sturdier.
Perhaps it’s the Fuji logo coating that makes the disk feel a slight bit heavier?

Not exactly the mark of quality. Certainly not worth the pricetag. Honestly I won’t touch any Fujifilm write once DVD media after my experience (I too had splotches on 3 different batches of MIJ Fuji media) and the posibility of getting Prodisc is just too great in the MIT made stuff. I can’t stand Prodisc.

lol thanks :p, and i have no idea if Futureshop will send me MIJs…guess ill just have to buy a pack later…let u all kno how it goes. :wink:

well…guess what…the dvds turned out to be RITEK 03s…sigh…i already have enuf of these from MAXELL…oh well