50 Pack Verbatim DVD+R for $29 at Sam's Club

Sam’s club has been lowering the prices of the Verbatim media a couple of times the last several months. This evening I noticed that the +R’s are now $29.95 for a spindle of 50. I bought some about a month ago for $42 and they were MCC02 manufacturer’s ID. I got nearly perfect burns at 4X, and just about as good at 8X.

will they ship to outside the usa (i am in the uk)

Sam’s Club is a warehouse super store where you buy by the bulk. It requires membership. It’s a US only store.

While this is a good deal, check out this thread;
100 pack Ridata 4x for $35.99 after rebate

Enough said.

Thanks for the heads up! Shows you what this forum is for!

I just placed my order.

Next thing you know, they’ll be paying us to take them.

I think that as the manufacturers switch over to 8X media, the stores are going to be dumping their 4X stock , which is fine with me.