50 pack Verbatim DVD-R 16x. MCC03RG20 $18.99 Canada



Just picked up a 50 pack of Verbatim 16x MCC 03RG20 for $18.99, from the Source by Circut City (aka Radio Shack).See here


by Circuit City, doesn’t that make it Circuit City? :confused:

Solid price though.


Yeah I don’t know who named it but check out the link and that’s what they call it.:confused:


Do Circuit City and Radio Shack have a connection? Or did you mean they are a similar type of retailer?

I saw they also have 8x Fuji 25 packs for $9, good deal if they’re TY but that’s probably unlikely.


Circuit City took over Radio Shack in Canada AFAIK but I could be wrong. And your are right the Fuji 25 packs are made in Taiwan.:slight_smile:


The Verb 16X DVD+R’s (MCC 004, a fan favourite) are also available for the same price,



It’s too bad that MCC has started contracting production of their 16X media to Prodisc. I have seen nothing but bad results and complaints with MCC-made-by-Prodisc 16X DVDR media in the last while that they have been available. Luckily, I stocked up before this Prodisc crap appeared. :stuck_out_tongue:

crossg, didn’t you get a really crappy batch of MCC03RG20?


Thanks ftp1020. I only saw the posters for -R but that is great to know. They probably saw me comming and hid all the +R.:wink:

@buck yes the first couple of burns weren’t great on the BenQ but I have other writers to test it on.
Good thing would be able to tell the difference between Prodisc anc CMC packaging, Two Degrees can tell right away. I am still in the learning curve.:stuck_out_tongue: