50-pack Taiyo Yuden anywhere?


I normally buy from rima.com, but they have stopped carrying 50packs of Taiyo Yuden. Rima.com only carries 100packs of Taiyo Yuden. Is there any reliable place to get 50packs of Taiyo YUden?



You may want to look at K-Mart and/or Sears for Fuji or Sony Made In Japan in TY cakeboxes-eh!

Mike is right I just got 2 X 50 packs of Sony rebranded Ty 8X+ media at Sears. They had plenty.:iagree:

Yo Alan-

And the cakebox’s TY distinctive [I]shape[/I] was the dead giveaway - right-eh?

Thats the funny part Mike, they were not in the real Ty cakeboxes, Sony puts the Yudens in their own cakeboxes, the giveaway was the octogon spacer and the MIJ on the label.:iagree:

I can vouch for that - I have one of the 50 packs of Sony TYs and they’re in a regular cakebox :slight_smile:

Sony 8X DVD+R MIJ are always TY T02 in NA even with round spacer :stuck_out_tongue:
It is DVD-R that must have the octagonal spacer to indicate TY from Sony MID

I’m pretty sure there was MIJ SONYD11…

Yup, the only discs I’ve found inside Sony MIJ 8x spindles are T02 and D11. Most of the Sony TY in my neck of the woods has had an octagonal spacer on the the 50-pc spindles and a round spacer on the 25-pc spindles.

I don’t know what it’s like in the land of the “eh!” but most of the Fujifilm-branded T02 is long gone where I am in the States. The last Fuji TY spindle I saw (and bought) was over a year ago.

RE: the original post, the 100-pc T02 spindles from ACCA/Rima are good stuff. It’s tightly stacked, and they package their shipments really well.

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How about 50-pack rebranded TY DVD-R does it exist?


It definitely exist[U]ed[/U]. :wink:
Not sure about whether you can still get old stock.


Sony brand 50pc 1-16X -R can be TYG03, 1-8X can be TYG02. That’s what I found.

The 16X dash can be Taiyo Yuden if it has the octogon spacer.:iagree:

In North America:

  1. Fuji TY is gone. The only place you can find any left, if you’re lucky, is FYE.

  2. Sony 16x TY is gone. Staples used to have oodles of it, but those days are over.

  3. Your best hope is to find 8x +R MIJ packs at Staples (25-packs) and Sears (50-packs). K-Mart is also rumored to have some of both.

Hi Negritude,

What is FYE?


A chain of music/video stores in the US. FYE stands for “For Your Entertainment.”


Click on the Yuden button then
Go to the 8x silver top and 50 pack is one of the options in the dropdown list.

Hey Trak101 thanks for responding,

Is this a legit company? Will i have any problems?


I ordered 100 each of the hub printable TY 16x DVD+R and 8x DVD-R from GenesysDTP with no problems.


I received a note from Rima.com that “Taiyo Yuden discontinued the 50-pack packaging.”