50 pack Slim Jewel cases from Staples.com for $1.49+free shipping for Rewards Members

Saw this on a couple of deal sites and thought I should post this here. These will likely sell out within a few hours so if you are interested you should order them right away. Free shipping if you’re a rewards member, and if you’re not you can apply and then call in after you’ve ordered and get reimbursed the shipping costs. They’ve already changed from a 1 day expected delivery to 2 days, which is a sign that they’re approaching selling out.

Staples link

These are rarely less than about $15 per 100 anymore and the only other time Staples had these on sale it was for the 100 packs for $2.49, I ordered over 1000 then and just ordered another 500. If you’re picky about proper storage of your discs, this is easily the cheapest way you’ll find to store them.

P.S. - Staples Rewards link You’ll have to link your Staples.com account number to your Staples Rewards account, and it may not take effect immediately. If it doesn’t you can call in and get reimbursed shipping charges after the order as I mentioned above (may have to call Monday).

Thanks for the heads up! I just grabbed 300.

Thanks!! got 300 shipped for <$10

haha I have so many things being shipped this week my wife is gonna kill me :frowning:

What great information, I ordered and then called like you advised and was given a one time waiver of the shipping costs and a Rewards Member card will be sent in about 3 weeks. I asked if I could add on to my order, and I was allowed to with free shipping.

I will have enough cases for many years to come.

Thanks again, Ron


Did you get bitten by the ‘Google Checkout’ bug? :smiley:

[B]Thank you scoobiedoobie![/B] :clap: I’ve been on the lookout for a deal like this since back in the old free after rebate or $5 per 100 days. Today is my lucky day, or rather our lucky day. Just ordered enough for myself, my brother and his boy for the next eternity or so. 34x50 = 1700 slim jewel cases (so I could get free shipping!). They’re going to like their Christmas this year.

yeah I did!

100 Optodisc Printables and the external usb2 hard drive case chas0039 recommended.

I should also get my RMA Samsung back this week.

No problem though I’ll just blame both of you :wink:

Thanks!! I ordered 10 (500) cases for a total of $14.90 with free shipping(staples rewards) plus sales tax of $1.25 so that comes out to less than 4 cents a case. The only problem is where to store them. Thanks again Scoobiedoobie for the post.

Thanks for the heads up, I just ordered 6 packs for under $10.00
I just hope that they dont cancel the orders. :disagree:

The one other time they went on sale really cheap a few orders were cancelled, if I recall correctly. I think it was limited to some of the late orders just before they were sold out. Expected delivery has been listed as 3 or 4 days the last couple times I checked Staples.com so they look to be getting closer to being out of stock. So the sooner your order is placed, the better - I will have over 2000 and I’m still considering getting more, if I don’t end up using a few hundred of them I will give them to friends/family that need them… Unfortunately, Staples will actually lose money on most or all of these orders after shipping costs are considered, so we may not see this good of a price ever again :stuck_out_tongue:

The only downside is the translucent ones. :Z They’ll be given as gifts, of course.

I hated the thought of using colored cases when I ordered the 100 packs but 50 of the 100 cases were colored. I’ve since gotten used to the idea and I’m acutally planning on making use of the fact that they have different colors by categorizing them by color, I just haven’t decided in what manner to color-code them yet. I was going to use them to classify by genre of movie but it seems too confusing that way, so I may use them to classify by age of movie. But then these 50 packs only have a few colored cases so the idea of classifying by color doesn’t work so well.


Now show as [B]‘OUT OF STOCK’[/B]-eh!

I have way too many issues (like Monk ) to try to code movies by color. It would drive me nutty just to sit down and figure out how to set up the system.

Then what if I have more blue movies than I had cases? Or not enough pink movies? Would I have to go buy more blue cases or perhaps put some blue movies into the pink cases and have them mismatched? Nope. Can’t do that. Would just have to throw some blue movies away so I would have an even number of matching cases.

I’ve gone through this before with floppy discs. Couldn’t handle it.

Yup, outta stock, I was gonna get more :frowning: I got 400 when they were $2.49 for a 100 in the store.

I’m gonna try and get them at a store in the morning with a price match to the website :slight_smile:

I want to thank you guys!! I was always a day late and two dollars short when I read about these deals here. Not today, I just completed my order of 73 cases plus added item number 627444 and coupon code below.

Looks like I just made it before they went out of stock.

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I know it’s not a perfect idea to order by color, but since I currently have about half colored and half black I figured I’d give it a try. I’ll probably sort by color as much as I can and then if I run out of a given color I’ll just resort to black. I thought I might do something along the lines of 1920-1939 one color, 40-59 another, 60-69 another, 70-79 another, 80-89 another, and 90-current as black. Not a flawless system and I’d still order alphabetically anyway, but it would offer more organization at a glance. Of course this wouldn’t work if you only have a few colored cases or had hardly any older movies. For some people maybe they could use a certain color for TV series, or whatever suits the discs they are sorting. I’m open for other ideas, I’ll have to go through my list of movies and see if there are other ways to sort them - I like the thought of ordering by genre but many movies could be any number of genres.

Too bad they’re OOS by the way, although you can’t say I didn’t warn 'ya that they would be out in a few hours. :stuck_out_tongue: I ordered another 300 a few minutes before they went OOS specifically to give away, the UPS guy will not be pleased this week…

:eek: And I thought I was going to have a lot, you ordered 1000 more than I’ll have… :bow: :bow: :bow: :o

Good luck on your order, I hope everyone gets their orders. If you ordered 73(!!), you better get prepared for receiving them and where you are going to put them.

P.S. - I was going to mention in my last post that they can sometimes come back in stock for a short time and sure enough they are showing back in stock right now for me, although at a listing of ‘4 day delivery’ they are very close to OOS. Order quick if you need them. Edit: back OOS again, check back a few times tonight if you really want them as it’s possible for them to show up briefly.