50 Pack Ritek CD-Rs @ Office Depot $7.20



Heya. There’s a sale on 50 packs of Office Depot CD-R media (which I’ve tested to be Ritek), for $7.20. If you’re looking for cheap media, you might as well get the BEST cheap media, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Normally I go for better media (TY etc.), but hey: I’m cheap / broke sometimes like everyone else. 20 bucks vs 7 bucks, and it’s decent media. Just thought I’d let you guys know about the sale, and that the Office Depot media is in fact Ritek.


I must politely disagree. Now, this is based on my Ritek DVD media experience, and I can tell you that at least the DVD media suffers from sometimes wide quality variation and sometimes eventual data loss (becomes unreadable after a year). I never would have believed that myself, if I had not bought $45 worth of RitekG05 DVDs that are turning up to be at best ‘dubious’ in their quality. It might be a good idea to check out other threads that speak of good CD-R quality media that might cost you less than Taiyo Yuden.


philips, 50 for $5 at OD, CMC though, but for CDR, ritek and cmc are on the same par


Yeah, figured someone would disagree. Anyway, I mean the CD-R media, not the DVD-R, as well as the fact I noted that the media quality isn’t the best to begin with. It’s just better than the other shit (Princo, Prodisc). Ritek’s hit or miss, but if you’re not putting important shit on them, 7 bucks for 50. I have Ritek backups that work fine after years, but then again the quality can be dodgy. I normally avoid them, but haven’t had bad luck with them yet. Keep in mind, this media’s a bottom of the line, last resort for me. As far as cheap alternatives: I wouldn’t wipe my ass with Prodisc or Princo. TY’s been my preferred media for years, so take this as you will.



What is the Ritek MID code on these?

If in fact they are Ritek 97m15s17f - then they are very decent media - especially at this price point-eh?




Yeah, they’re not too bad for the price if you’re not putting important data on them. These are in fact 97m15s17f media code. I believe the sale ends sunday though. Certainly better than CMC, Princo, and Prodisc. Originally I went to Office Depot to pick up some Maxell CD-R Pros (TY), and ended up walking out with a 50 pack of these due to the price hehe.


There seem to be two versions, at least, of Ritek CD media and I can also confirm that these are the good Riteks. I have burned and tested on my Plextor Premium and these have very low C1 errors and a total count around 1/3 of what I get with CMC.

Wish I had more info on what the bad ones were?

BTW, anyone wanting TY should look here:
$16 per 100 plus shipping. Sorry for the hijack; at least it is still media. :wink:


Hmmm, it’s comming up $26/100 for me if I order 200 peices, and they want $18.12 to ship them to me in NY.



Sams Club has 50 Maxell individually jewel cased for $16, all MIJ. And spindle of 75 for $17, all MIJ as well. If you have memberships to sams club or look into walmart ad, you might find one day free pass


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i thought riteks made decent cdr but bad dvdr


[QUOTE=dznutz;2001694]i thought riteks made decent cdr but bad dvdr[/QUOTE]

You are correct. Microcenter seems to have these on sale on a regular basis.


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Since you are here, the 100 pack of CD-R Office Depot media is on sale for $9.99 the week of Feb 17-23, 2008


[QUOTE=Dalen Quaice;2002029]Since you are here, the 100 pack of CD-R Office Depot media is on sale for $9.99 the week of Feb 17-23, 2007![/QUOTE]

Yes, we know that already, and the date is 2008 not 2007. Can we let this thread die now? We should be discussing this in the current ripit ad thread.


Sorry, currently THIS week… Feb 17-23, 2-0-0-8… I mistyped cause this thread is too old!!!