50 Pack Imation 8X DVD+R for $15.99 @ OM






I believe Target also has the Imation 8X DVD+R for $15.99. Does anyone know what brand Imation really is? Is Imation any good?


Mostly like CMC. Avoid.


Imation can be several things; CMC, Prodisc, MBIL or Ricoh. CMC Imation will stick out like a sore thumb since it’ll be in a CMC style cakebox. The other three should be in the same cakebox style (no “lip” on the top) but MBIL will say “made in India” so it should be easy enough to distinguish. And if you know what you’re looking for, you can tell Prodisc from Ricoh by checking the stamper serials.


That’s correct.

MBI can give you some damn good initial burns on the BenQ 1620 and NEC 3500. BUT some have stated that after one month, the quality of the disc DRASTICALLY plunges. So i’d be wary of these.

RICOHJPN—well some swear by and love RICOHJPN02. I haven’t had much experience with these discs. So i don’t know how good they can be.

Prodisc— Never had any success with these discs on my BenQ.