50 pack HP dvr+r 8x 18.99@office max



im new to burning but from what i have seen at stores this was pretty good they give u instant in store rebate. Not sure how long it will last but i got mine today.


These are usually media code CMC MAG.E01. Buyers might want to check the scans before they buy.


i dont know what all that means like i said im new to burning dvd+rs i know my burner burned some tdks rated at 8x at 16speed, so i’ll try these hps and see how fast they burn and post it back.


The HP media that I’ve seen is not very good. So so Taiwanese stuff.


I mean go to the media test section of the forum and look at the scans of this media and see if you want to buy. As posted above, HP is often CMC and this media has a poor reputation. I would be very leary of burning this at 16X. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it will give you good results.


well only thing i noticed so far with these hps is that when i use xbox to view them afterwards takes a while for some of the games to be recognized again, but as far as the quality of the burn i viewed two movies with no compression burned at 16 and didnt see anything wrong while viewing it.