50 pack Fujifilms (TY) at best buy 2.99 US

At best buy, you can pick up a 50 pack of fujifilsm (TY) for $2.99 after rebates.


The site is wrong, it says that they are only 16x certified, i can burn these fine at 40x with my liteon. This was discussed a while back where they just put a sticker on the package saying up to 40x. Its the packing they are reusing not the cds.

heres how it works. $22.99 - $10 M.I.R. - $10 Instant Rebate

Got a pack last night when i went in.

Just picked up two spindles of Fuji 40X. The clerk said there was no limit on the rebates. The rebate form says the limit is one rebate per household. Oh well, even at $12.99 / 50 pc for Taiyo Yuden manufactured disks is still a good deal.

im gonna wait till they have the sale again and have saved up about $200 and go cd buying crazy.:bigsmile:

Nice offer. About time something was on sale for cheap other than CMC’s :Z

those are good discs, right ? (sorry for my incompetence:rolleyes: )

yes they are very good for high speed burns at 40 or 48x

thanx :slight_smile:


What is this rebate thing that you USA people can get cd’s for almost nothing :slight_smile:

Where do people earn the vouchers or whatever from? Just interested to know why us poor Brits are always losing out :frowning:


i don’t know why they sell them this way but heres how it works.

They sell a 50 pack for $22.99. Then best buy has a 10 dollar instant rebate, and the manufacturers have a rebate. My guess is they’re getting rid of backstock. So they’re selling it cheap to get rid of it.

Originally posted by kwkard
yes they are very good for high speed burns at 40 or 48x

They are rated for 16x according to the box. Didnt have a chance to test them at 40x since i can only do 12x on my plex. They should be just as good.

the box here says up to 24x and burns error free at 40x. It has errors at 48x but erorr correction takes care of it and seems flawless. I don’t burn at 48x anymore unless its error free.

Hmm, I got the 16x rated ones. I wonder why the difference.

well you’re in new york, im in oklahoma. Maybe thats why. Also, here there was a big table with lots of different fujuifilms. There was the old cakebox kind with thge spin off top, the new kind and some others that were in jewel cases.

I ordered online that why probably (too lazy to walk 4 blocks to store :slight_smile: ) You probably picked up the ones that werent on sale and the cashier didnt notice the difference between the 24x and the 16x ones.

they all look the same to the untrained eye. They also ring up the same:bigsmile:

Weird. I ordered another spindle and this time it arrived certified for up to 48x.