50 pack dvd-r's for 15 dollars at officemax


but i called the 800 number and the lady told me that the entire state of california is out of stock. let me know what you guys find out

Just a guess… Long time ago, officemax carry some DVD for $30 for orginal price and they are PRINCO!!! So don’t go for it…

Just a guess, if I am wrong, please let us know, thank you!~

ive never tried princo’s, are they real crappy? not even worth 30 cents a piece?

must be 1X, it is klypermedia or something like that, so more like cmc

Just bought 50 (5 packs of 10) “Kypermedia” DVD+r at Office Max for $25 + tax.
They are CMC MAG F01 which are 4X. They are the same product sold as Memorex etc. On sale this week but light inventory.